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Garage Door Repair Services

Tip Top Garage Doors is a full-service garage door repair company offering garage door repair services and garage door maintenance to homeowners and businesses.

Can you recall how many times you or your family members opened or closed your garage door today? At least half-a-dozen times. If you use your garage door so often, it will undergo wear and tear. Its springs might come loose. The rollers might get stuck. The garage door opener might become faulty. All these need garage door repair or garage door maintenance from garage repair companies like Tip Top Garage Doors.


What are the parts that need garage door repair the most?
Garage doors are mechanical devices that have many small moving components. These garage door parts get damaged due to wear and tear, weather or rough use. The garage door equipment and parts that our garage door specialists say need service most often are:

  • Garage door spring repair - Springs might come loose
  • Garage door cables repair - Cables get frayed or broken
  • Garage door hinges repair - Hinges creak
  • Garage door openers repair - Opener's sensor, remote or antenna might not work
  • Garage door rollers- Rollers get cracked

All these might sound trivial but never ignore these faults in a garage door system. If you do not get these faults repaired immediately,  they may cause severe injuries.

So, do not take chances with the garage door safety, call a quality garage door repair company like Tip Top Garage Doors at once. Their experienced technicians will get the parts repaired or replaced in no time to ensure your safety.


What happens if you do not do garage door service?

Faulty garage doors cause great accidents and fatal injuries. That is why garage door fixing is of immediate importance for your safety. We have listed a few garage door problems and the consequences of not attending to  them:

  • Loose Garage door Springs - The garage doors may slam shut without warning. This can cause great injuries leaving your bones broken.
  • Frayed Garage door cables-  The garage door does not lift or lower fully. This poses a risk of theft. Needs garage door cables repair.
  • Faulty Garage door pulleys-Pulleys hold the weight of the garage door. The door falls down if they do not work. This can even crush your head!
  • Creaking Garage door hinges- The garage doors may fall apart. Or your fingers might get pinched.
  • Faulty Garage door opener-  Your door may not open or close. This causes the risk of theft for your vehicle and valuables. Always use original garage door parts.
  • Cracked Garage door rollers- Your garage doors get jammed. This may leave the door open for thieves to enter.

All the above Garage door problems are grave. Attend your garage door & gate repair at once. Ensure your safety by calling garage door service experts like Tip Top Garage doors.


Can I fix garage doors on my own?

We do not recommend garage owners fixing garage doors on your own unless you are a professional garage door repair technician. If you try to repair a  garage door opener, you must be careful not to touch the frayed wires. If you are oiling the hinges, take care to see that your fingers do not get pinched. If you are mending the pulleys or cables, take care to see that the door does not fall down.

Garage door repair is not an easy task. If you are well -trained, you can try it on your own. Otherwise, leave it to experts from a top garage door repair company like Tip Top Garage Doors.

Why call Tip Top Garage Doors for garage door fixing?

  • Tip Top Garage Doors are experts in repairing damaged garage doors and fixing any automatic door opener problems.
  • Our door repair techs have enough experience in garage door service and their work is thorough and professional.
  • Our garage door service execution is swift, secure and reliable and we are always available on call for any emergency garage door repair. You can call our customer service team to set up an appointment with a garage door specialist to review your business garage door or residential garage doors.
  • Our garage door & gate repair prices are very affordable and we prefer to use only genuine garage door spare parts.
  • Tip Top Garage Doors technicians are friendly and courteous. Check the garage door repair reviews online to find out why our service technicians rank high on customer satisfaction.

Garage door & gate repairs need skilled service. This you can get only with Tip Top Garage Doors. Call Tip Top Garage Doors for high-quality garage door repair services.

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