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You have a disturbing question regarding garage doors? Check for answers on our FAQs page below. We have a collection of questions that bother majority of new and existing garage owners. We seek to assist you while saving your time as with good internet connection you can get the answer to your questions just with a click of a button. If your question is not featured here or you need further assistance, do not hesitate to call our friendly customer care now (Kindly put contacts). We are eager to assist you!

Where are you located?

We have several locations and service your area.

Can I come to the office to see a garage door?

Sadly we do not have a showroom, however our technicians have catalogs with all the doors available to you and we have websites you can view that will even allow you to upload photos of your current door and what your home would look like with replacement options.

Do you do free estimates?

We offer free estimates for new or replacement doors. For repairs we charge a $29 service fee as our technician performs a thorough inspection of your door to ensure that your door will not only be repaired correctly but that your door will meet all safety standards.

Do you sell Parts?

We do not sell parts but we can send a technician to complete the repair for you as they arrive with standard parts and tools on their truck.

How soon are you available?

I'll have to verify the technicians schedule, but we can typically have someone out within 2 hours.

How quickly can I get a new door installed?

Most of the time we're able to get standard doors from our supplier within a day or two. If the door is customized it may take a little longer to receive, however our technician will be able to verify those details after discussing all the options with you.

How do I find a reliable garage doors dealer?

This is easy with the internet as most of the companies are online nowadays. However, for best and reliable services check us on Yelp.

If my garage door is broken, do I need to replace the entire door or just a section of it?

This depends on the extent of the damage. In some cases may have to replace some door parts but if the damage is major, then the entire door need to be changed. Call for accurate assessment.

After the installation of the garage door, how will I know some basics on how it operates?

Each garage door comes with a manual written in simple language for the garage owner to read and understand. Allowing garage door technicians to install the door for you gives you an opportunity to get hands on tutorial on how the door functions.

Do I really need professionally delivered routine maintenance services for the garage door?

Yes, maintenance services offered by skilled technicians help in preventing premature repairs of the door hence spending less. Check out more on maintenance here

If I place an order for garage door products and services must I pay through cash?

No, we accept online payment via major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express. Credit cards are swift and safe. Checks also available.

Incase my garage door fails to open at night, do I just have to wait till the following morning for repair services?

No, repair services for garage doors are regarded as emergencies hence delivered as soon as possible whether at night or during the day. Call anytime for immediate repair services.

Are there other types of garage door openers apart from belt driven openers?

Yes, there are varying types of garage door openers available in garage door stores. You can access chain driven openers, screw driven openers, remote controlled openers, lock and key system openers and keyless openers. It is advisable to consult a Reliable Garage Door in order to purchase the opener with the right HP.

Do you install garage doors ordered only from your stores?

Tip Top should serve every garage owner. As long as you have a door for the garage call us and technicians will install it for you.

What is the cost of an automatic garage door?

The cost of the garage door depends on the model, operating system, degree of thermal efficiency and the material used to manufacture it. You should not worry about knowing the cost as the garage door provider will make an estimate of the door that you need available free of charge.

Will the garage door and opener fit in my garage as it has a low ceiling?

Definitely, they will both fit, as the door system may need to have a low track system and low torsion rear track. It is only an opener that will require little bit more space. It is advisable to engage a technician to assess the space available and advice on the best garage door to install.

Is it possible to have my single skinned automatic door insulated?

Yes, the garage door tech has a special kit for insulation of single skinned existing doors of the garage without having to install a new door.

How can I fix torsion springs once they are broken?

Broken torsion springs are replaced by new ones. However, it is dangerous for you to try removing the broken ones as the door may fall on you or installing new ones, as they may snap causing injuries on your body. In case you need to fix broken torsion springs, call a skilled technician to handle the process.

How do I prepare the door of my garage for extreme winter season?

Extreme winter season causes garage doors to malfunction. It is advisable to have technical personnel to service the door in order to check on the door balance and safety too. You can also have the door insulated to function in all seasons.

What are the major garage door types available for me to select from?

The best garage door supplier has different types of doors on offer such as overhead doors, roll-up doors, sliding doors and swing and hung doors. Some of door types have different models derived from varying materials such as wood, steel, aluminum and GRP.

Do garage doors have long term warranty guarantee?

Yes, garage door provider guarantees full manufacturer’s warranty on every garage door purchased. In most cases, the warranty is normally 1year and above. Ensure that you enquire from your provider before you purchase a door.

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