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Garage Door Maintenance Services

You installed the latest garage door system a few years ago. Yet today, your garage door squeaks and creaks with a loud noise. It makes a deafening sound when you open or close it. Doesn't this irritate you? Of course, it does and what you need to get rid of this trouble is to get some good old garage door maintenance done. If you are wise, then you may even opt for garage door preventive maintenance.  

But why spend money again? why not ignore these squeaks and creaks? This is what you think. Not so fast. garage door inspection and regular maintenance is a must to avoid accidents. That is why anyone who loves their family always opts for annual garage door maintenance. Contact a good garage door maintenance service like Tip Top Garage Doors. Their experts will examine your garage door hardware and suggest suitable replacements if needed.

Why is garage door maintenance a must?

The statistics of accidents caused by garage doors is startling. About 7000 people in the US get their fingers pinched while using garage doors. A further 800 people come with cuts from the shattering of the garage door glass. All these mishaps occur due to the poor or no maintenance of garage doors. Avoid any injury or mishap to your dearest ones. Get your garage doors checked and serviced from time-to-time. Call a reliable garage door maintenance service like Tip Top Garage Doors. They will make your garage doors as good as new.


What are the parts that need regular garage door maintenance?

Garage doors have mechanical parts like door hinges, steel rollers, brackets, etc.

All these undergo wear and tear with regular use. They need regular oiling with garage door grease. The door hinges might have rusted and might need replacement. The steel rollers might have fallen off. Only a  periodic garage door inspection can reveal all these faults. If you have an automatic overhead door, you might have to check its balance and also its door openers.

Garage door weatherstripping is also a must in places where there are heavy snow and rain. The top, sides and the threshold of the garage doors need weatherstripping. If this is not done, your garage doors might rust and get damaged due to bad weather.

Routine maintenance includes adjusting of tracks and springs and force setting. All these are best done by professionals like Tip Top Garage doors. That is why it is always best to call a garage door preventive maintenance service like them for these jobs. 


What are the Garage door preventive maintenance tasks that your technicians execute?

Twice a year, a qualified service professional will check your garage doors for routine maintenance issues. If any problems like a faulty automatic garage door opener are not fixed, you will land up with a hefty repair bill and a lot of tension.

We adopt this 10 step procedure for garage door inspection so that families with garages can stay worry-free:

1. Door frame, door groove & door edge visual inspection - Listen to your garage door and watch it work. This goes for any type of door - wooden door or steel door

2. DoOr track cleaning - Clean up the tracks and remove the dirt

3. Annual maintenance Tune-up  - Tighten any loose bolts

4. Roller brackets in good working order - Replace rollers at least twice a year

5. Additional safety - Inspect the containment cable and pulleys.

6. Door hinges check - Oil the hinges and steel rollers with garage door grease

7. Garage door spring adjustment - check the door springs and test the garage door balance

8. Garage door opener check - If you have an automatic garage door opener, check its auto-reverse feature. We also replace batteries, if required for both the automatic door opener and the older style door opener

9. Preventative maintenance tip - Replace the garage door weatherstripping once a year

10. Rust spots - Clean the door and paint it to prevent excessive rust from piling up

Always call home improvement professionals to replace cables, pulley, and springs. Keep the contact number of a reliable garage door maintenance service like Tip Top Garage Doors handy.

Opt for the garage door preventive maintenance from Tip Top Garage Doors to be safe.

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