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Garage Door Installation Services

Is your garage door creaking or are its screws about to pop out? This means your garage door is falling apart! You need to get a new garage door installed quickly but do homeowners know that the faulty installation by the garage install team can affect the safety of their family?


How does a garage door installation affect your safety?

Do not underestimate the importance of a quality garage door installation. Several accidents happen on a daily basis due to garage door accidents. About 2500 people in the United States get crushed each year by garage doors.

Garage doors need foolproof installation to avoid any garage door problems. If the garage door is not properly installed, it may fall on someone's head. If its springs are loose, it may fall apart and if the hinges are not well-oiled and maintained, the door might not open fully.

Children are the ones who are most affected by garage doors. Kids tend to play open/close games with garage doors. They also try to rush out as the door closes. All of these can cause major accidents and severe injuries.

The right way to avoid all these mishaps is by getting your new tech garage door installed by a reputable garage door company offering professional garage door installation services.


Why is a new garage door required?

These days you get hundreds of garage door designs with a huge selection of latest styles, modern colors, beautiful textures and custom options like windows and decorative hardware.

  • Old garage doors are heavy weighing 250-500 lbs and can prove fatal if they fall unexpectedly while someone is underneath.
  • The old type of garage doors had extension springs without container cables and hence they fell apart.
  • Modern garage doors are of steel with excellent insulation. Steel doors are durable, energy-efficient and budget-friendly.
  • Today's automatic garage door openers have the latest electronics, have safety features and are tamper-proof. 
  • Pinch -resistant design is one of the main advantages of modern garage doors.
  • Garage doors are not replaced often and they enhance your curb appeal so purchase a new garage door with care and one that fits your budget.

Why do you need a professional garage door service provider for your Garage door installation?

  • Installing a garage door is not a child's play. This process might be tedious and tiresome for many. So, it is always better to call a garage door installation service team like Tip Top Garage doors to do the job.
  • Garage door installation involves minute attention to details. Laying the tracks and loading the pulleys have to be done in the right manner. Only an authorized installer like Tip Top Garage Doors can handle this with precision.
  • Many problems might arise during garage door installations. For instance, an old gate opener that you may want to reuse might not work with the new stylish garage door. Sometimes the rollers get stuck or garage springs lose their springiness. Only specialists like Tip Top Garage Doors who have experience in classic doors and complex entry doors can handle these issues without tension.
  • Garage door installation needs special tools that you may not have. Buying a garage door kit and tools will incur an expense that can be best avoided. Garage door installation providers have all the tools needed for the job. Call Tip Top Garage Doors who have both the skills and tools required to do the job. 
  • Garage door installations need both caution and patience. Accidents are common while installing garage doors. Fingers might get pinched while fixing the hinges and your hands or legs might get cut if the glass shatters. Bones might break if the garage door safety sensors fail and the doors get jammed on you. Avoid such risks and call Tip Top Garage Doors for a safe and reliable garage installation service

Advantages of using a garage door installation service provider

Tip Top Garage Doors are sought-after for our professional garage door installations. The reasons are as follows

  • Handle all types of doors - rolling door, sliding door, overhead door, sectional doors, entry doors, etc.
  • You get experienced prescreened contractors and professional installation process
  • Thorough and perfect job by our installation team - solve your garage door problem today!
  • We make it a quick and time-saving home improvement project
  • 24/7 reliable and  quality garage door opener installation services
  • Only original spares from leading manufacturers with manufacturer warranties
  • We are available anytime on call and same-day service possible

We offer garage door repair services as well, so don't hesitate to get in touch. You can call a garage door service provider like Tip Top Garage Doors to execute your garage door installation job with precision.



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