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Garage Door Replacement Services

You have a lovely house but instead of a fine garage door system with beautiful looking metal doors, the garage doors are worn out and look aged compared to the neighbors. The doors need repainting and weatherproofing each year.  It is also a challenge to open and close the garage door as you do not have an automatic garage door opener. It is times like this that you make you think of replacing your garage door.


Why do you need garage door replacement?

Consider the following six factors When you think of a garage door replacement:

#1 – Increased Security

New garage doors are interconnected with the latest features in residential security. Older garage doors that are made out of wood or material are much easier for burglars to simply breakthrough. One of the easiest approaches for thieves to break into your property is through the garage door. Many contemporary garage doors use new sophisticated programming scripts that make it almost impossible for a criminal hacker to generate the software code in an effort to open the door.

Safe from burglars? Yep!

#2 – Improved Safety

New garage doors are lighter but sturdier and provide better protection. Whether you've got small kids or need to shield that valuable vintage car, having a brand new steel garage door will give you peace of mind that your door is in good working order. 

#3 – Enhanced Home Appearance 

A new garage door can substantially improve your own home’s look. Modern steel garage doors come in a wide variety of hues, finishes, and styles. With all of those alternatives available, you can transform how your property looks especially to enhance the curb appeal. This is specifically the case if your existing garage door becomes out-dated.

#4 – Home Value Appreciation

A new dazzling garage door will considerably increase the price of your home. If you currently have a tired antique garage door, replacing it with a modern-looking door will absolutely impress potential buyers. You can check any real estate agent to know that homes almost always sell more quickly while the attached garage is in excellent condition. 

#5 – Great Insulation and Utility Savings

If your garage storage area has residing areas above it or is being used as a workplace, then you could extensively reduce your cooling and heating fees via installing a garage door with an optimum insulation score. This insulated garage will act to maintain the cool air in the course of the summer season, and as a result, will pay for itself in savings.

#6 - Cost of Garage Door Repair Is Less than a New Door. 

Sometimes a brand new garage door can cost less than replacing or repairing the broken garage door equipment. Old garage systems can be very complex to work on and the garage door maintenance costs may be higher. Rare garage door parts may be very high priced and repair parts are difficult to source. When considering all this you may as well upgrade your garage door rather than trying to repair the existing older or broken garage door.

Contact experienced technicians from Tip Top Garage doors. They will guide you on what type of door to install and work out the costing to fit your budget.


How much does a garage door replacement cost?

Do you need a new garage door? If your existing garage door is wooden and rotting, or a broken garage or if the doors are made of metal but have worn-out hardware, then you may have to replace them.

Garage door replacement cost considerations are very important. This is because you may have a budget that you do not wish to overshoot.

The material you choose affects the cost and also its life. You can choose from many options like steel, steel-insulated, fiberglass, etc.

Tip Top Garage doors believe in offering cost-effective garage door replacement solutions. We can provide various options to replace your old garage door with a new one. Our service is both efficient and cheap.

Why choose Tip Top Garage Doors for your garage door replacement?

Make Tip Top Garage Doors your first choice for your garage door replacement because

  • We have years of experience in the garage door industry.
  • We have expertise in replacing garage doors and can handle all types of doors.
  • We use only genuine spare parts from the original manufacturers.
  • We offer professional garage door services and our work is thorough.
  • Your garage door safety is our priority. We ensure that your new garage door operates smoothly and safely.
  • We are always available on-call 24/7.
  • Our pricing is friendly on your pocket.

    Even if you are a person who believes in DIY (do-it-yourself)and thinks that you can try to replace the garage door by yourself, we absolutely recommend that you do not do so. It is risky and might cause serious injury to you. Garage door replacement is a job that needs both expertise and experience. Get both by hiring Tip Top Garage Doors for your garage door replacement.

    It is safer to call a full-service garage door company  like Tip Top Garage doors for your garage door replacement

    Garage door replacement needs precision and the door cables, pulleys, tracks, rollers, and hinges need a correct alignment. That is why you need experts like Tip Top Garage doors to do the job for you.


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