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Affordable Garage Door Service in Raleigh, NC | Garage Door Repair




A garage door is one of the most valuable assets for every American house. This is true whether you live in the State of North Carolina or elsewhere in the United States. Not only does a garage door improve the look of your house, but it also a convenient way to enter your home.

The garage door works like a quick gateway to enter and exit the house. It also protects your cars and other assets in the garage. With just one click of the garage door opener, you and your vehicle can grandly enter your lovely Cary, Durham or Raleigh home, family in tow! 

Tip Top Garage Doors is a garage door company serving the Raleigh NC area offering timely and affordable installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of your garage doors. 


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Our Professional Garage Door Service for Raleigh Includes: 

  • Garage Door Repair Service 

We will repair your malfunctioning garage door. Our garage door repair and maintenance service include replacing the broken carriage door, adding a new door opener and parts such as rollers, door panels, door hinges, door springs, circuit board and other garage door parts sourced from leading garage door brands.

  • Garage Door Installation

We install new garage doors for you besides providing a lifetime warranty. We also have a wide variety of doors available for you to choose for both commercial garage doors and residential garage doors. Whether it is wood doors, steel doors, precision doors or entire door re-build, we manage them all. 

  • Garage Door Replacement

Is it time to restore the high value and aesthetics of your house that are being spoilt by a broken garage door? We provide you with top quality garage door products or any other part that you would like to replace.  We also offer whole garage door replacement. Get a free estimate by calling our  experts

When must you opt for Garage Door Services from Garage Door Service Experts?


  1. Safety

Every asset ages with time and it's the same with garage doors as well. The garage doors start to deteriorate and corrode with rust. Some safety equipment may not work as well as before. It is also dangerous if the garage door does not work properly. A fall on a car or person can be quite risky and dangerous. The certified garage door technicians from Tip Top Garage Doors can spot safety hazards with your garage door equipment and fix them.

  1. Save time and money 

If you see that your garage door is not working correctly or making odd noises, then do not wait till its too late. Get it fixed by calling the experts from Tip Top Garage Doors. If you ignore the problem, something worse can happen, so save time and money to fix the now smaller issue before it looms into something larger. We only use quality garage door products that stay trouble-free for long.

  1. Enhance Value of your Raleigh Home 

Garage doors tend to get damaged by normal wear and tear and in the wintery conditions of North Carolina. Any internal or external damage will decrease the value of your home. Hire a top-notch garage door company and get back the full value of your house or apartment.  Fix your garage door issues before the storm hits your area.

  1. Latest Equipment and Tools 

The professionals at Tip Top Garage Doors always carry the latest tools when they arrive t handle any garage door jobs. You can't fix a garage door all by yourself; hence you need to call a professional garage door service company with an experienced garage door repair team.

  1. Security 

Many North Carolina folks keep valuable things in their garages, such as expensive bicycles, lawnmowers, garden equipment, and other personal stuff. A damaged garage door can lead to a faulty security system which leads to theft. Don't go for any generic garage door solution. For your residential garage door repair and any other garage door needs, call Tip Top Garage Door and make your garage door fool-proof again! 

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose Tip Top Garage Doors. 

Now that you are aware of the importance of garage door services in Raleigh NC you might be thinking why you should choose us instead of the other garage door service providers near you. 

  • We only operate with local technicians who know the Raleigh-Durham area perfectly well.  They are friendly, punctual and well-trained. 
  • We have over a decade of experience, and we have always provided secure and risk-free services to Raleigh residents.
  • All our certified technicians know how to repair any precision garage door or other fancy entry doors and set up new door codes.
  • We also have custom door options in our warehouse.
  • Our door installations service costs are fair and affordable. We do not charge any extra for repair work during the late evening or weekends.  
  • We use equipment that is industry-leading to provide the best garage door services.  
  • We provide emergency garage door service. So, even if you are stuck in some tough situations late at night, we will rush to your home and fix your garage.

Get Tip Top service in Raleigh, NC from Tip Top Garage Doors 

Starting from $29

We cover the following service areas:

  • Apex NC
  • Cary NC
  • Chapel Hill NC
  • Durham NC
  • Holly Springs NC
  • Raleigh NC


If you are looking for an upgrade of your current garage door or need a new door, contact us right away.

Get affordable garage door repair and the best quality service from Tip Top Garage Doors. We assure you 100% customer satisfaction, free estimates for new door installations and full warranty!



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