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How to Manage a Noisy Garage Door

02/01/18 17:42

A well functioning garage door guarantees safety and efficiency, giving peace to the residential or commercial premises owner. However, these doors are complex, as they are made up of different movable parts that rely on each other to function. A broken part may result to loud noise during the opening or closing process a situation that can be rather disturbing. Good news is that you do not have to put up with the noise, as you can use the simple DIY tips below, to manage the door:

Lubricate the movable parts

The door to the garage is designed with numerous metallic movable parts. In order to move, some of these parts rub against each other creating friction. When parts such as hinges, rollers, trucks and springs are not well lubricated they produce loud screeching noise. The noise is not only irritating to the ears but also means that the parts involved are wearing off with every single movement. It is advisable to consult a technician on the best lubricant to use. It is vital to clean the parts before applying the lubricant. If your door has nylon rollers, avoid applying the oil on the nylon parts as they can be damaged. Use a dry rag to wipe the excessive lubricant.

Check the rollers

Damaged or worn rollers are other top reasons for a squeaky door. Normally, 5-6 rollers are fixed on each side of the garage door. These rollers can either be metallic or nylon and they play a vital role in facilitating the movement of the door. To identify the problem, observe the movement of the rollers as they should roll once the door is activated to open or close. If the rollers are sliding along the rails, they are damaged hence need to be replaced. At this point, you need to call a technician to fix them for the door to function properly and eliminate the noise.

Tighten or replace the hardware

Hundreds of varying hardware such as nuts, screws, bolts and fasteners are fixed on the door for the best performance. The hardware gets loose or worn due to daily door operations leading to loud noise. Therefore, tighten all the nuts, bolts and screws present in the door. Check for broken hardware and contact a technician for possible replacement.

Clean the tracks

The door of the garage has tracks along which the dirt and debris gathers, leading to disturbing noise. It is important to regularly clean the tracks hence removing dust particles and debris present. Call a technician for door maintenance that can help in preventing noise issues.

Assess the garage door motor

The motor is part of the opener which activates the door to open or close. Note that the motor is subject to aging and other mechanical issues that may lead to loud noise or total door failure. Motor assessment and fixing should only be reserved to a garage door professional.





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