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Garage door won't open

Learn How to Repair Garage Door that won't open

26/09/17 12:37

An automatic garage door should runs smoothly following a push on the opener’s remote control. This makes it easy for users to open and close the door without moving out of the car. However, poor door maintenance, faulty installation, unfavorable weather conditions, wear and tear of door parts are some of the issues that can make the door not to open. The following troubleshooting tips can lessen inconveniences, panic and frustrations caused by the failure of the door to open.

Check for the lock mode

When the door is in the lock or vacation mode, it doesn’t respond to the opener’s remote control signal from outside the garage. Unlock the door from the wall control present inside the garage.

Check the remote’s battery

The remote operator requires a fully charged battery to send active signals for the door to open. Just like other machines, the battery runs out after a period of time hence need to be changed. To ascertain whether the battery is okay, locate the box through which the chains enter, present inside the garage. Press the remote button while observing if there is any blinking red light from the box. If the light is present but the door does not open as you move away from the box, it shows that the battery is low. If there is no blinking red light then the battery is dead. In both cases, the battery should be replaced.

Inspect the tracks and rollers

Clean tracks enable the door to open and close smoothly. Dirt particles and debris clog along the tracks, making the door to get stuck. If this is not checked, the dirt piles up causing the door not to open completely. When this happens and being sure that the opener is functioning well, check the tracks for dirt, clean and remove all the debris present. If you notice that the tracks are bent, straighten them or call for technical assistance. Make sure that the rollers are in place and functioning adequately then lubricate the tracks well using the recommended spray.

Verify the receiver

The door of the garage may fail to open if the receiver is faulty. Ensure that the receiver is plugged in and move away from the door, taking note at what point it fails to respond. If the door fails to open, receiver replacement is due.

Clean the photo eye

The photo eye blocks the door from opening or closing if an object is sensed near the door. Check if there is an animal, plant, a child or dirt near the photo eye. It is advisable to regularly clean the photo eye and clear the plants growing near it to prevent door issues.

Check the springs

Springs are important in raising the door when opening. Springs are prone to wear and tear hence breaking easily. Once you suspect that the springs are broken, contact a technician to replace them as they can cause serious body harm and destruction of property.

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