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Learn How to Remodel Your Garage Door

09/01/18 20:03

Did you that you can remodel your garage door giving it a classic appearance? Remember that when visitors walk into your home, the first thing that they see is the door into your garage. This project can be referred as a total makeover that not only renews the door but improves its performance. Majority of home owners tend to think that door remodeling process is complex and tedious. Well, this is not it as you can use simple stains to give your door the desired faux wood appearance while enhancing its operations. Here are easy to follow DIY steps to usher you to a successful door makeover.

Clean the door

Garage doors are exposed to weather conditions such as scorching sun, scratches by debris such as pieces of sticks, acidic rain and snow among others. This leaves the door looking old and worn-out. In addition, grease mixes with dust particles clogging in the joints and along the door frame, making it dirty. Therefore, to start the makeover process, you need to clean the door using light detergent, water and cleaning sponge. If possible, you can make use of vinegar to get rid of clogged greasy dust particles. Remember that use of strong detergents and scramblers is highly discouraged as they can damage the door.

Involve a technician

Once the door is clean and dry, it is advisable to involve a technician to assess the door. This is an important step as the aim is to have a good looking and a well functioning door. The technician has the ability to identify developing door issues that need to be repaired before they worsen. This process saves you money that would have been used to replace the parts or an expensive repair if the issue was left to accelerate. Once the technician gives you a clearance, you can go ahead with the renewal process.

Apply the glaze in sections

In order to achieve best results, it is advisable to apply the stain glaze in sections. Here, use a simple soft painting brush to apply the stain on the door. It is important to note that the stain dries very fast hence best applied on a relatively humid or cloudy day. Sunny and hot days should be avoided for best results, as the required coverage is achieved without stain overlapping.

Spread a clear finish

This step is optional though highly recommended for best appearance. In this case, wait for the stain to dry, which by the way should not take long. Spread the clear finish finely on the door section by section just as you did for the stain. This leaves your garage door smooth and shinny.

Test the garage door performance

After the door makeover, it is important to test the performance of the door. Ensuring that the power outlet is properly plugged in, press the remote control button and check whether the door responds adequately. Also, try to open the door manually to ascertain that the door is well balanced. In case of door issues, contact a technician.



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