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How to choose the right garage door opener

02/08/17 12:01


Which garage door opener should I buy is a common question that nags the mind of many. This is because when the door opener is functioning well, the door opens and closes smoothly. The secret here is buying the opener size and style right for the door. It is difficult to identify the opener that meets your needs since standard ones come in almost the same design. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself on how to shop for the right product.

Common opener models

A garage door opener comes with a trolley, carriage and a trolley attached along the rail. The trolley which is normally attached to the door pulls it to open and pushes it to close. As the trolley in all openers uses the same mechanism, the motor which is charged with the responsibility of moving the trolley differs from one opener model to another.

A belt-drive opener

In order to move the trolley this type of opener uses a belt which is quieter compared to other models. In addition, it provides smooth operations hence being ideal for homes and hospitality institutions.  This model requires less maintenance as its system has few movable parts. This makes it efficient and economical.

Direct drive opener

If you are looking for an opener suitable for an environment that requires adequate silence, a direct drive opener is ideal as it uses a quiet mechanism. This model does not use a trolley as the motor moves along the track to raise or lower the door. It has a single movable part hence less vibrations. This translates to reduced noise and maintenance.

Chain drive opener

As the name suggests, this opener design uses the chain to move the trolley. This is the cheapest model though it tends to be noisier hence ideal for commercial places other than homes. In addition, it requires relatively more maintenance due to many movable parts.

Screw-drive opener

This type of opener uses the lifting mechanism to move the door. It has a threaded rod that rotates to move the trolley along the track. Once the trolley is moved, it raises or lowers the door to open or close. It does not have many movable parts hence producing less noise and does not require much maintenance.


What to consider when buying the opener

In order to buy the right opener, it is important to consider the following factors:


Openers come in different sizes that are determined by the horsepower. It is important to buy the opener with a horse power that can adequately lift and lower the door. Ideally, openers are available in 1/3 horsepower, ¾ horsepower and ½ horse power. If you need an opener for a double door, it is advisable to buy an opener with ½ horsepower while 1/3 is ideal for a single door.

The drive system

When choosing the drive of the opener, it is important to check the price and the number of movable parts in order to know the amount of maintenance required and whether the system is noisy or quiet.

Speed and special features

Note that modern openers come with special digital features.







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