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Belt Drive garage door opener

This opener is run by a durable belt drive mechanism. The rubber belt is connected to the motor that gives it the power to lift the garage door once activated. Belt drive opener is noise free as it provides soft starts and stops during the closing and opening process hence ideal for residential garage doors. It has many movable parts that require a lot of maintenance. It is also rather expensive.

Screw-drive garage door opener

The chain driven opener has a worm screw that is fixed to the rails with grooved carriage running under it. In order to lift the door, the screw turns, moving the grooved carriage that raises the door. This opener is affordable and requires minimal maintenance as it has fewer movable parts. However, it is slightly noisy though not as much as the chain driven opener.

Chain drive garage door opener

This type of opener is operated by a chain drive mechanism. It is an automatic opener with a chain connected to the power head that moves the carriage installed on the door. This opener is affordable as it costs less compared to other types. However, a chain drive opener requires frequent maintenance due to many movable parts that are prone to wear and tear. Also, during the opening and closing process, the chain hits against the rails producing a lot of noise.

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