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Garage Door Opener - 8155W Belt Drive LiftMaster

Belt drive garage door opener has a ½ HP that makes it ideal for standard doors. It’s designed with features that make it long lasting and reliable in performance.


Home connectivity

  • Smartphone connection- Easily connects with Smartphone for alerts on door operations even when away.
  • Home network- This opener comes with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows for easy connection with the home network system.
  • MyQ schedule- You can pre-set the recurrent door schedule such as door closing and turning the lights on and off.
  • Syncs with Smart devices- The opener is designed using advanced technology hence syncs well with major smart devices. This includes but not limited to linking of myQ account to IFTTT and Google Assistant. Note that this may attract some low subscription fee.


  • Quiet operations- This opener is designed with a strong belt drive system that provides smooth and quiet operations.
  • Reduced power consumption- On standby mode, this opener consumes 75% less power.
  • Durable AC Motor- Its motor is strong with a ½ HP capable of adequately supporting standard aluminum doors.

Security and safety

  • Sensors for safety- The opener comes with sensors that stops the door from closing once an object is detected near the door for safety.
  • Code generation- Each time the button is clicked, a secure code is generated.
  • Prevents forceful opening- The opener automatically blocks any forceful door opening, for safety. 

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