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Garage Door Opener Linear Model LCO75

Linear garage door opener model LC075 is a powerful opener, designed to provide high quality performance.


  • ¾ HP motor- It’s operated by a motor with ¾ HP hence best for light duty commercial and residential garage doors.
  • Durable frame- It is designed with long lasting steel frame.
  • Motor thermal protection- It’s designed with a motor thermal protection system for reliability and durability.
  • Sound dampening technology- It’s designed to produce reduced noise.
  • Lighted wall station- It comes with a deluxe brightened wall station.
  • Strong chain drive system- The sturdy chain drive system guarantees its reliability in lifting heavy doors.
  • Mega code transmitter- The opener comes with a mega code transmitter with 3-buttons.
  • Safety beam- The opener has an infrared photo eye safety beam that detects door obstruction.



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