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IntelliG Pro Series 3024 - Garage Door Opener

Genie Pro series 3024 is available as belt and Chain drive opener. This model is an intelligent design that provides swift and quiet garage door operations. It is ideal for heavy door lifting as it has a ¾ horse power with opening speed of 7.5 inches per second. The opener is fitted with an auto seek dual frequency system that ensures prompt response to the specific signal, even in the presence of nearby frequencies. Both belt and Chain drive 3024 model guarantees soft noise free start and stop facilitated by the direct current motor present in it.


  • 140V DC motor for noise free operations
  • ¾ HP for heavy garage doors lifting
  • Auto seek dual frequency system for coordinated signal reception
  • GenieSense monitoring and diagnostic technology for maximum security
  • In-built lighting system

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