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Garage Door Opener LiftMaster 8360W

DC Chain Drive Garage Opener with built-in Wi-Fi and a battery backup has the ability to lift the weight of industrial doors. Generally, the opener provides smooth and reliable operations.



  • Easy connection- The opener has built-in Wi-Fi that facilitates easy connection to a home network system.
  • Smartphone connectivity- It’s easily to connect with Smartphones and Tablets for prompt door activities monitoring. This connection enables the user to receive alerts via SMS every time the door is opened or closed.
  • Recurrent schedule setting- Users can easily set the recurrent schedule such as door to close or turning off and on of the lights.
  • Easy to link- The opener syncs easily with Smart devices and other major platforms. Users can easily link the MyQ account with the Google Assistant and IFTTT.


  • Battery backup- The opener functions adequately even during the power outages due to battery backup.
  • Automatic door lock-This prevents forceful opening of the door.
  • DC Motor- The opener is designed with a heavy duty DC motor that provides extra smooth and silent operations.
  • Durable hardware- Due to smooth starts and stops, the opener requires minimal maintenance and has an extended hardware lifespan.
  • Long lasting Chain drive- The opener comes with a durable chain drive that guarantees reliable operations.

Safety and security

  • Secure code- The opener generates a secure code every time the button is clicked.
  • Motion detection lights- The opener comes with motion detection lighting that brightens the garage.

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