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Garage Door Opener LiftMaster ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi

Garage door Chain drive opener series 8164W is designed to operate standard and industrial doors.


Home Connectivity

  • Remote door monitoring- The opener is easily connected with the Smartphones and Tablets. This enables the user to monitor the door activities remotely as alerts on door activities are sent via SMS.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi- It easily connects with home network for efficiency.
  • Recurring Schedule-It’s possible to set the recurring schedule such as door to close or turning lights on or off.
  • Syncs easily- It Syncs easily with the major Smart devices and platforms such that one can link the MyQ with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Security and safety

  • Secure code- The opener generates a secure code each time the button is clicked. This makes it difficult for anyone to copy the code.
  • Sensors- The opener comes with safety sensors that detects any door obstruction and stops it from closing. This keeps the users, pets and property safe from being crashed by the door.


  • Reduced power consumption- On standby mode the opener consumes about 75% less power.
  • Strong operating system- The opener is operated by a strong ½ HP AC motor system adequate to lift the weight of a standard aluminum door. The chain is long lasting.



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