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This city is popular for high educational standards and technology with life science institutions. The locals are actively involved in creative art that tells the story of this historic city. When designing a residential or commercial building, a garage is one of the key structures to be considered. Due to high population in Raleigh city, a garage helps in utilization of the available space by acting as a gateway into the house, storage, office and recreation place. A quality and well functioning door of the garage provides a statement of elegance and security.

Why reliable and timely garage door services are important in Raleigh NC

Raleigh city is a life filled city, with numerous lucrative businesses and great recreational activities. In fact, there are about 145 hotels and accommodation centers, leading business offices and residential estates hosting the huge population in the city. A broken garage door in a hotel exposes the guests in hotels, household members in residential homes and clients, employees and valuable products in commercial buildings to untold risks. To eliminate inconveniences and dangers brought by dysfunctional garage doors, call us to provide the following services:

  • Installation serves- Professionally installed doors, openers and springs functions well with a long lifespan.
  • Repair services- A broken garage door requires timely repair services to prevent inconveniences, burglary and injuries. Emergency response team responds to calls for repairs for a;
    • Door that has failed to open or close
    • Sagging garage door
    • Noisy garage door
    • Broken door openers and springs
  • Replacement services- Total door replacement and replacement of door parts prevent premature repairs.
  • Routine maintenance services –When the door is regularly serviced through lubrication of the movable parts, door cleaning and routine safety checks, it moves smoothly and takes long without need for repairs and replacement of parts.

DIY tips to prepare the garage door for winter

Just like other parts of North Carolina region, Raleigh city experiences snowy winter seasons that sometimes bring the activities in the city into a stand still. You can prepare the door of your garage to meet winter season without breaking down through the following tips:

  • Apply weather stripping lubricant
    Clean the weather stripping of the garage door before the onset of winter using a gentle detergent. Rinse and dry the weather strip and apply adequate weather stripping lubricant.
  • Re-adjust the door opener
    As the warm season is coming to an end, giving way to chilly winter season, it is advisable to re-adjust the door opener. However, this might be a tricky exercise that requires the help of a professional technician.
  • Door insulation
    Insulated doors functions well under extreme climate changes while saving energy. Contact our technicians to insulate the door a head of winter season.

At Tiptop garage doors Raleigh NC, we guarantee:

  • 24hour emergency response
  • Competitive service fee
  • Original door parts
  • Free estimations and advice
  • Same day service delivery

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