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This town serves as a commercial center as well as a residential area, being a home to over 27 thousand according to statistics carried out in the year 2014. Garner is a busy town with adequate shopping malls, manufacturing industries and individually owned companies that employ many residents here. The town has adequate basic education facilities and it’s accessible through road using private cars and commuter buses, air and railway. Residential and commercial garage owners benefit from quality door services provided by Tiptop garage doors professionals.

Security tips when parking your car in a residential or commercial garage

Garner town is a relatively safe place with low crime rates. However, like every other town and city, most of the crimes occur when one is parking the car in the garage or driving out of the garage. Here are some safety tips that keep you and other garage users safe:

  • Adequate lighting
    Dim light in residential and commercial garage provides a great camouflage for the criminals. This becomes worse if there are several cars parked in the garage. Every garage owner should install adequate lighting fixtures inside the garage and outside along the drive way and near the garage door.
  • Contact security immediately
    Contact security immediately if you feel uncomfortable when walking towards your car, in a commercial garage. Similarly, if the door of the garage fails to open when coming back home especially at night, it is advisable to call the security officers and a repair man. The security officers will keep you safe out there as you wait for the technicians to arrive and repair the door.
  • Avoid talking on phone or juggling packages
    Avoid talking on phone or juggling packages when walking towards your car in the commercial garage or when driving towards a residential garage. This reduces your awareness that would help you in taking note of suspicious elements around.
  • Keep car keys or door opener in your hands
    Time wasted when opening the car in a commercial garage or opening the door of the garage when driving back home, makes you vulnerable to violent crimes. Keep the car keys in the hands to swiftly open the car in a commercial garage. When driving back home, ensure that the door opener is handy for swift garage door opening. If the opener fails to work, call Raleigh office immediately to repair it.
  • Ensure that the door and opener functions well
    Faulty doors make you vulnerable to violent crimes. To prevent this, call us to install garage doors and openers of trusted brands, to repair and carryout routine maintenance of garage doors.

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