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Wendell is a town in Wake County, North Carolina United States. This town has all the facilities required for good livelihood such as means of transport via road well networked road system, rail and air transport. Residents in Wendell town participate in harvest festival marked every October and International food festival held in September each year.

How to clean a flooded garage in Wendell NC

Garage can get flooded due to broken clean water or drainage pipes, storm or heavy rains. Flooding in the garage can lead to damage of the valuable properties stored in it including the car and structural damage. Here are some steps to clean up a flooded garage:

  • Identify the cause of flood
    In order to clean up a flooded garage, take time to identify the cause of the flood. If the flood has been caused by heavy rains or storm, contact your insurance provider to evaluate the damage for compensation since it is due to a natural cause. If the cause of flood is as a result of broken water or drainage pipes, contact a plumber right away.
  • Assess the status of the door
    Opening the door of the garage allows you to start the cleaning process. If the door of the garage fails to open, do not apply force to have it open. Instead, contact us immediately to help open the door.
  • Assess the extent of damage
    Floods caused by continuous rain or leaking pipes may lead to the formation of mold on the floor, walls and other items stored in the garage. It is advisable to contact a cleaning company to help you drain the water, remove the mold, dry up and disinfect the garage completely.
  • Repair the garage door
    Once the cleaning is over, you need to have the door of the garage repaired and serviced. Flood may destroy the door insulation and other parts especially if the door does not have the weather stripping. Our technicians are always available to repair any type of garage door after a flood in the garage. Call us to clean the garage door, re-paint it if need be, apply the weather stripping and insulation. Also, we do lubricate the inner movable door parts and replace other broken door parts with new and original ones.

Here is what one of our clients had to say about our services;

"I feel indebted to tiptop garage doors technicians who repaired my garage door after a flood. Their team is great; they replaced some springs, cleaned the door and re-painted it. They gave my door a total makeover making it appear and function as if it was new! They are my go to for garage door services.”

Leonardo Torres

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