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The location of this city makes our services accessible to garage owners in the towns and cities around. We chose to have a service center in Durham city as it is the seat of Durham County, with part of the city spreading to Orange County on the west and Wake County on the east. This city has a large population being a hub for numerous businesses and a home to many residents. This increases the demand for residential and commercial garage doors services.

Ways of insulating a garage in Durham NC

Durham city is classified among the regions with a humid subtropical climate. As a garage owner it is important to note that Durham city and its environs record hot humid summers and cold winters. During summer, thunderstorms and rains are not rare especially in the months of July and August. Insulating the garage helps in regulating temperature in the house, extends the lifespan of the door and blocks the noise. Here are ways of insulating your entire garage:

  • Batt insulation
    Batt insulation is a great idea for a garage with visible studs and joists from the interior. In this case, the batts are parallel to the studs and joists, fitting them well between the ceilings. Use the flanges to fix the batts to the walls.
  • Garage door insulation
    You can choose to insulate the entire garage or the door alone. It is very important to insulate the door for a prolonged lifespan and efficient door performance. For DIY enthusiasts, the insulation kit comes with a set of instructions to follow. However, allowing a professional to handle the insulation process gives the best results. We do not only insulate the door, rather provide the required repairs and maintenance to the door before embarking on the insulation process. Contact us now to install a new insulated door from the top brands in the market or insulate an existing door at affordable cost.
  • Blown-in insulation
    This type of insulation is best choice when the joists and studs of the garage are covered by a dry wall. Choosing a virgin blown-in insulation materials help in reducing the possibilities of allergy. In order to apply this insulation, drill a hole in the wall and blow the insulation material in.

Important garage door services in Durham NC

When owning a garage in Durham city, it is advisable to partner with a reliable garage door provider. Here are the services that we provide to our customers within the city and its environs to ensure that their doors last longer and functions smoothly:

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