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Morrisville town is a strategic place for our service center due to the location of the town and increasing population that make our services accessible to many. Morrisville town is seated in Wake County and partially in Durham County in North Carolina United States. This is one of the towns located in the a region where North American Piedmont and Atlantic Coastal plain meet commonly known as the fall line. This makes Morrisville a beautiful town with breathtaking sceneries.

Facts about Morrisville NC

Morrisville town is a fast growing town with vibrant economic, educational and recreational activities. Here are some interesting facts regarding this town that makes residential and commercial garage door services a primary need:

  • Recreational parks
    Morrisville town has a total of six parks and a single community center. The parks allow for different sporting activities for people across in varying age brackets.
  • Economic activities
    Most of the people in Morrisville are employed while others run individually owned companies and businesses. Among the biggest employers present in the town include, computer technology firms such as Lenovo, telecommunication industries and clinical trial labs among others. This evokes the need for us to offer professional garage door installation, timely repairs and protective maintenance that keep the town safe while contributing to smooth running of the businesses
  • Transport
    Morrisville has an excellent road network that makes transport easy. Availability of good road has led to an increase of vehicles hence demand for quality garage door services.

Simple garage doors preventative maintenance tips

Lack of preventative maintenance services leads to a broken garage door that incurs huge expenses for premature repairs and replacements. DIY maintenance helps in preventing unnecessary wear and tear of the door parts. However, it is advisable to allow a professional to perform preventative maintenance as technical personnel can identify a developing door issue and timely repair it. Preventative maintenance includes:

  • General door inspection
    This entails routine safety door checks. All the door parts should be checked to ascertain that they are intact and moving smoothly. There are inner moving parts of the door that are difficult to inspect through a DIY process. Call us for thorough and successful door safety inspection.
  • Sticky grease cleaning and lubrication
    Lubricant present in the door parts mixes with dust particles forming dirt that clogs hindering smooth movement of the door. Regular cleaning of the door parts by wiping the grease with a lint free material and lubrication using recommended lubricant slows down wear and tear of door parts. Contact us to clean your door and lubricate the inner parts that may be difficult for you to reach.
  • Check for sagging cables
    Ensure that the cables are tight and intact. In case you notice sagging cables call us to fix it.

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