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Knightdale town has attracted numerous families that have settled in the town and investors with great businesses. If you are looking for a peaceful environment to settle in, then this town is the place to be. Knightdale town is in Wake County neighboring Raleigh city near the Neuse River. Here are facilities that make Knightdale a town of choice for many:

  • Numerous economic activities- Knightdale town government assists investors in building business connections within the town and with other cities within the county and State of North Carolina.
  • Educational facilities- Knightdale has adequate elementary, high schools and high education institutes. A public library makes learning process easier for the learners residing in the town.
  • Recreation facilities- Knightdale station with plenty playgrounds for young people and kids, Mingo Creek Greenway recreation centers and numerous clubs are present in Knightdale town.
  • Accessibility- Availability of transport means makes Knightdale town accessible from other towns and cities in the state. Air, railroad and road means of transport makes it possible for residents in Knightdale town to commute to and from Raleigh for work and business.

Garage door services available in Knightdale NC

The availability of quality, timely and affordable garage door services is good news for residents, real estate developers and business people in Knightdale town. We have skilled technicians who offer the following professional services:

  • Repair services
    We know the risks posed by a faulty door that can decide to act-up at any time. We have an emergency response technical team on standby 24/7 including public holidays to offer same day;
    • Faulty garage door repair
    • Broken door spring repair
    • Broken door opener repair
    • Installation services
  • Professional garage door installation prevents premature repairs and replacements. We guarantee your safety through:
    • Garage door installation
    • Torsion springs installation
    • Door opener installation
  • Replacement services
    We do replace worn doors of the garage, faulty door openers and broken springs with new original ones.
  • Routine maintenance
    We believe that garage owners in Knightdale town deserve to be safe with well functioning doors. That’s why we offer affordable routine maintenance that prevents unnecessary door part replacement and repairs.

Our free safety garage door tips for children

Safety tips are among our free advice to garage owners in Knightdale town. Children are fascinated by large moving objects such as garage doors that can pose hidden dangers for the children. Keep your children safe by:

  • Make children aware of dangers involved in placing fingers, legs and head near the garage door when open or closed.
  • Keep children off when opening and closing the door. Do not drive away leaving the door in the process of closing down.
  • Ensure that the door opener is out of reach. Call us to install the opener on the wall away from children’s reach.

Call us at tiptop garage doors Knightdale NC, for timely and affordable faulty garage door repair, for a safe garage.

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