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Garage Door Automation - Boon Or Bane?

30/06/20 09:52

Homeowners in the United States are increasingly opting for advanced home automation. Garage doors, too, are becoming advanced both with wired setup and wireless setup. A majority of the garage door openers though are remote-controlled devices -with a wired controller and smart controller as primary options. 

Gone are the days when you had to step out of your vehicle to open your garage door. Sitting in the comfort of your vehicle, you can now press a button on the remote as you enter your driveway to allow easy access into your home via the garage door. We are also seeing the following trends in garage door automation:

  • Advanced garage door openers recognize voice commands. With the advent of smart home systems, AI integrated smart camera solutions have become common.

  • You can link your home AI solution with the smart garage door opener to enable voice commands and video integration via direct camera integration. Even night vision and voice control are now AI-enabled.

  • Imagine a scenario where children are playing in the yard. You are perhaps busy indoors. You can let your kids enter the home through the garage by simple voice command.

  • Mobile applications allow you to access and monitor garage doors. Mobile applications allow surveillance of the garage and tracking the entry points. One need not be within close range to operate the garage doors, with mobile applications.

  • In case of a glitch, pre installed security systems raise the alarm or voice alert. There are LED lights on some remotes that alert a user in case of problems.

  • Nowadays, remote controls have a battery backup. Thus, your garage is safe even during power cuts and the sensor system works as efficiently as always.


With garage doors becoming increasingly modern as mentioned earlier, they also need sophisticated maintenance and upkeep. It also means that modern-day garage door installation and repair can no longer be a 'Do It Yourself' project. 

These are some of the reasons garage door repair service are much sought after and in-demand:

Repair: Constant opening and closing of the doors can lead to wear and tear. You will need a soft starter installed to reduce the mechanical shocks to the doors. Garage door tracks need regular maintenance to ensure correct alignment.

Replacement: Replacing a damaged garage door requires professional intervention. If you want a simple spring replacement, you still need to be sure of the garage door's security. Thus, you need to hire an expert for even small replacements.

Motion/Object sensors: Another critical feature of the garage door is motion or object detection. Any fault in the motion detectors can lead to costly and life-threatening damage. The object detectors prevent the garage door from closing on the hood of your car. You may have kids or pets playing around. They may run through the garage doors, which are about to close down. Without motion and object sensors, the garage doors could close on them, leading to injuries. Well maintained motion sensors use laser technology to prevent such mishaps immediately.

Disabling access: An expert technician will be able to walk you through all the security features of your garage door. If your remote-controlled garage opener gets lost or stolen, you may need help with disabling access. Choosing the right remote access devices as openers help you be safe from hackers. Also, you can use zip-tie locks as an extra safety feature for your garage.

Right from mounting the doors to choosing the right door openers, the process needs precision. You can customize the speed of the opening and closing of garage doors. Customizing and installing a garage door can be a difficult task for a layman.


The garage door can be an easy entry point to your home. Thus it needs to be completely secured. Timely repairs can protect you from several mishaps. With these checks, you can not only be at the top of any maintenance related issue but also avoid costly mistakes by addressing the problem early. 

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