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6 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Garage Doors

21/07/20 09:57

Choosing the best garage door should not be a hassle that causes you sleepless nights. It can be an exciting adventure since the garage door makes the first impression for guests and passersby. You also have a wide variety to choose from and different door designs assembled with care and using durable material from reputed suppliers.

We asked the garage door experts at Tip Top Garage Doors who have installed hundreds of elegant but sturdy garage doors in Charlotte & Raleigh North Carolina, Fort Mill South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee to list factors that they considered very important. They came up with 6 critical factors to be considered apart from other minor ones.

Below are 6 important factors you need to consider and look for when choosing garage doors.

1.Safety is your first priority

An automatic door is highly recommended these days to avoid coming out of your car to open the door, especially at night as this exposes you to numerous risks. When buying a garage door, you need to consider how safe it is for the garage users, cars, and home property. The garage door should be sturdily built with high-quality parts such that it does not come down suddenly without warning on your family members, friends and cars. Also, its sensors should detect any objects, animals, and human beings present in its path.

2.Garage Door Opening Size

Do you know that not all garage door openings are the same and therefore you need to check the accurate measurements of the opening before you buy a door or sign on a contract.

Remember that standard doors are categorized into 2 types:

Single car garage doors - They come in 8’x7’, 9’x7’ and 10’x7’ sizes
Double (or Two single) car garage doors- Their measurements are 16’x7’ or 18’x7’ sizes
Note that these door sizes can accommodate normal cars and trucks but not other big model vehicles.

3.General Home Exterior Décor

Many people wish to have a door that matches well with the exterior décor of their home or commercial center. You should not overlook your garage door style. In this case, you will need to choose a door whose design, color, and material suit the home improvement theme. Air pressure and energy efficiency can also be factored in when designing the exterior decor.

4. Budget

Finding a garage door that fits your budget requires research and diligence. Your budget may depend on a variety of factors including the material you choose, as also the purpose of your garage. For example, wooden garage doors have an aesthetic appeal but their maintenance cost is high. Vinyl could be the material of choice for durable and low maintenance garage doors. A garage used as a spare room may need extra security. This adds to the overall cost. It is essential to find a garage door company that offers you a comprehensive door installation or replacement package that suits your budget. 

5. Climatic conditions of the region

It is crucial to consider the climatic conditions of a region while choosing the garage door material - wood, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, steel, glass or any composite fibers. In general, fiberglass is exceptionally durable but in extreme cold, it can crack. Steel is the least expensive and the most used material for garage doors however moist and humid climatic conditions can cause steel to rust fast. Aluminum could be an alternative for steel in humid regions since it is rust-resistant. Proper insulation adds to the long-term durability of garage doors.

6. Garage door openers

Motorized and remote access garage doors offer increased safety and easy accessibility. While choosing the motor, one needs to consider the horsepower rating. For residential use, garage door openers typically require at least 0.5 horsepower. Heavy garage doors need higher horsepower. High power models will reduce wear and tear by decreasing the strain on the motor. Alternatives to motors for garage door openers are carriage door openers, belt drives, screw drives, chain drives, and more. You can also opt for smart openers that can be operated with mobile phones. Picking a suitable open-close mechanism for garage doors is essential. It ensures optimal space utilization and high efficiency. 

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