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Facts about Huntersville town

Huntersville is an important town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina State and part of the Charlotte metropolitan area. Huntersville is the home of Carolina Renaissance Festival that takes place Saturdays and Sundays in the months of October and November each year. This festival is marketed by exhibitions of crafted and other commercial products. The festival attracts a multitude of residents and visitors with entertainment making each day of celebrations fun-filled due to live stage performances featuring circus, music, dance and comedy among others.  Huntersville has plenty of recreation sites such as Lake Norman the largest man-made lake. Bus transport is a booming business as the majority of residents commute to Charlotte daily for work.

Simple safety tips to keep garage door safe in Huntersville

Well functioning garage doors keeps the burglars away from your compound. However, buglers are usually quick to identify loopholes in the door of your garage and gaining entry into your home. Here are some security tips for your safety;

  • Avoid leaving the garage door remote in the car because one can break into your car and get the opener gaining free access into your compound.
  • Buglers tend to make use of unsecured garage door emergency release to enter into a commercial or residential building. Call us today to secure the emergency release of the door of your garage for maximum safety.
  • Carry out maintenance on the movable parts of the door regularly. Routine maintenance helps in keeping the door functioning well while identifying weak points early and having them repaired in time. You can schedule for routine maintenance services with our technicians or call us for DIY maintenance instructions to eliminate door defects that can be an entry point for unwanted individuals.
  • Remember to lock your garage door whether you are in the compound or not. An open door makes you to be caught flat footed by buglers. Thugs hate hustles in gaining entry, so make it difficult for them to get into your compound by locking the door into your garage.
  • Seek for professional garage door services. Ensure that your garage door is installed, repaired and door parts replaced by skilled technicians from a reputable company.

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