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Indian Trail

This city has attracted many residents as the living cost is about 2.60% compared to other cities. Indian trail experiences about 4 inches snow fall during winter and high temperatures during the summer. All these facts about Indian Trail city highlight the need for reliable and quality services to keep the garage doors functioning properly for a secure and stress free lifestyle.

Simple DIY routine maintenance tips

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Well, the following maintenance tips will help in keeping the door of your garage functioning properly. This reduces the frequency of pressing the panic button for repair services while eliminating premature door part replacements hence saving money.

  • Regular battery and remote control checks
    Checking the batteries and the remote control opener is important for smooth opening and closing of the door. Check whether the battery has power and that the remote is properly programmed. If not, read the user manual and follow the instructions to program the remote control and re-charge the battery. Call Tip Top Garage Doors in Charlotte a technician to assist you if need be.
  • Control box pressure adjustments
    Pressure adjustment in the main control box is vital tip when the garage door has failed to close or open as it should. In this case, get a ladder and a flat head screw driver to adjust the pressure switches. If the door is still acting up even after adjusting the pressure switches, contact the service provider in Indian Trail to identify the problem and carry out the necessary repairs.
  • Door track lubrication
    Hitching of the door due to friction against the track is a common problem in Indian Trail due to seasonal changes. As a garage user, you may notice some resistance during opening and closing of the door especially with the onset of summer and winter season. To resolve the problem, clean the tracks and lubricate them with the recommended lubricant. You can consider cleaning and re-painting the door and later lubricating the movable parts. For comprehensive routine maintenance, call for a skilled technician right away.

What our customers say about our services

I bought a house here in Indian Trail and wanted to replace the existing door of the garage. A friend recommended" Tip Top garage doors service providers who advised me on the best door to go for. They installed the door on my garage on the scheduled day and disposed the old door. These guys have vast knowledge about their job."
Mario B.

Technicians from Tip Top garage doors have been providing maintenance services for my garage door for the last" one year. They are skilled, affordable and time conscious. Last month I called them at night to fix a door hitch and they were there and fixed the problem within no time."
Diana Williams

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