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Signs that your garage door has issues and what to do

Is your garage door acting up? Well, it is a sign that there is a developing or an existing problem that needs to be addressed. You can solve some of the door problems using simple DIY maintenance techniques. Here are some signs and how to respond to them;

  • Weird door sounds
    Funny sounds when opening or closing the door is a sign of a problem that need to be resolved. Perform simple maintenance by cleaning the movable parts with a dry brush to remove dust.  Wipe greasy parts using a dry cloth, till they are completely clean and apply lubricant. If the noise persists, it might be caused by broken springs or opener breaker. For accurate diagnosis and repair, call our technicians to fix the problem.
  • Door getting stuck on the floor
    During winter season, the door of the garage may get stuck on the floor due to low temperatures. This makes it impossible to open the door even after pressing the opener’s button. Check in between the door and the floor to remove any ice present that might be holding the door on the floor. If you have removed the ice and the door isn’t budging, avoid pressing the opener as it may lead to serious problems. Call our emergency response team available 24 hours to assist you.
  • Broken door, opener and springs
    The signs of these problems may be similar, making it difficult for you to identify the source of the problem. In case of sagging door, door opening or closing halfway, the door is off the track and door hitching or delaying when the opener is pressed, calling a technician right away is highly recommended.
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