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The growing population in Belmont city has led to increasing need for commercial and residential doors of the garage.

Why a garage door service center in Belmont

Belmont is a relatively small city situated in Gaston County, North Carolina State. The city is built on a peninsula formed by river Catawba and its right tributary. The two arms of Lake Wylie are made by the two rivers, whose presence gives Belmont city its beautiful sceneries. Today, the city is a commercial center with many vibrant businesses being established in different parts. The city is a home to many residents whose livelihood is favored by the presence of schools, shopping malls and recreational activities. For example, Belmont Stakes Racing Festival is one of the fun activities that you do not want to miss. The festival is scheduled for 9th-11th June 2016 and tickets are available online!

Garage door care tips in Belmont NC

A garage door provides a secure access to your home and business premises. However, a faulty door poses danger to the garage users as it can cause injuries, damage of property or provide an easy entry to burglars. Practice of simple care tips ensures smooth door operations with a prolonged lifespan maximum safety. Here are some effective door care tips:

  • Proper installation
    A well installed door of the garage has a long lifespan and functions smoothly. DIY door installation process is apparently cheap but it can be expensive in the long run. Our skilled technicians provide professional door installation and replacement services at affordable prices.
  • Pay attention
    Looking and listening to the door of the garage is one of the simplest preventative care tips. When you open and close the door, observe keenly to see if there is any jerking or resistance in movement and listen to identify any unusual grinding or scraping noise. If you notice jerking or weird noise from the door, call us for timely repair services to prevent premature costly door parts replacements.
  • Security door checks
    Do not wait for the door to sag or run off the rails by carrying out security checks. In this case, close the door and disconnect the automatic opener to test the balance. If the door does not move smoothly or falls back to the closed position, adjustments need to be done urgently. Call us to check the rollers, springs, tracks and cables for a smooth running and safe door.
  • Cleaning and lubrication
    Cleaning the door regularly helps in removing clogged dirt. After cleaning the door, you need to apply a recommended lubricant. Contact Charlotte service area for routine door maintenance that involves cleaning and lubrication of inner movable door parts.

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