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Why a garage door service center in Gastonia

 Gastonia is a fast growing city in North Carolina State and the second largest satellite city of Charlotte metropolitan area. This is an important commercial center being a home of major manufacturing companies such as Parkdale Mills the world largest producer of spun yard. Other companies present are Curtiss-Wright, Wix Filtration Corp and Freightliner LLC among others. Due to these commercial centers we seek to make quality services for commercial garage doors available 24 hours for smooth running of production firms.

The city has a large population of residents most of them forming the taskforce in the major manufacturing firms. This means only one thing that real estate developers are keen in making residential building where garage doors are essential. We are here to service the residents ensuring that their household valuables are safe through well functioning garage doors. We deliver onsite services soon after customer’s call.

Exclusive interview with the chief technician

Here is a section of an interview with the chief technician at Tip Top garage doors repair center Gastonia highlighting the commitment of the company.

Interviewer: Where is your company located?

Chief technician: We are located within Charlotte and we have enough technicians in Gastonia to respond to garage owners needs in all areas of the city. Our location makes it possible for us to reach on site in time especially for emergency services.

Interviewer: What services do you offer?

Chief technician: Our technicians have the skills and vast experience in resolving all garage door problems. We offer the following services;

  • Broken doors and openers repair
  • Installation of garage doors, openers and springs
  • Replacement of broken door parts
  • Routine maintenance services

Interviewer: You are a service center that offers garage door replacement services. Tell us briefly the nature of door parts you use for replacing the faulty ones.

Chief technician: We have partnered with the manufacturers of the top garage door brands for supply of original door parts. We go an extra mile to ensure that our customers gain access to 100% original and durable door parts.

Interviewer: What should garage door owners expect from your service center?

Chief technician: Garage owners in Gaston regardless of the model of their garage door should expect;

  • Competitive service costs
  • Quality services and products
  • Same day service delivery
  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Special offers through coupons

Interviewer: Your parting shot to customers?

Chief technician: Call us now, for we promise and deliver!

Call 1-844-784-7867 24 hours a day (including weekend) Or fill the form and we will contact you shortly: