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Due to favorable climate and business opportunities, Davidson town is growing rapidly with real estate developers working daily to increase residential and commercial properties. However, services for the garage doors are wanting but not anymore as we are present now to provide reliable services to garage owners.

Common DIY garage door installation mistakes

DIY garage door installation is cost effective for those with skills and right tools to handle the job. However, the process can lead to great losses especially if major mistakes are made leading to need for major door parts replacements. In order to have a successful door installation process, here are some common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Use of nails
    Use of nails in door installation process is a common mistake that DIY door installers make. Garage doors are heavy and make a lot of movements daily during the opening and closing process. Nails are not strong enough to support the heavy door hence likely to sag and fall. Instead of nails, lag bolts should be used as they have the ability to support the door adequately. Contact us for technical support before starting the installation process.
  • Off-center placing lift motor and assembly
    Lift motor and the assembly should be fixed at the center for adequate door support and balancing. However, most DIY installers tend to place the lift motor and assembly slightly off center. This causes the door to bend breaking most of the essential parts. This leads to premature and expensive door part replacements. Call Tip Top Garage Doors in Charlotte NC to send skilled technicians for professional door installation at affordable prices.
  • Improper adjustment of door springs
    Improper adjustment or handling of door springs is dangerous. Linear spring assembly and torsion springs are prone to snapping and breaking if not handled with care. This can lead to serious injuries or fatalities in some cases. Garage door springs should be adjusted by a professional or a skilled DIY enthusiast. For your own safety, contact is to provide professionals with vast experience in door springs installation and adjustment.
  • Failure to follow instructions
    Each garage door comes with an installation kit with user instructions. If any of the instructions is skipped, mistakes are likely to occur that result in premature door repairs. In order to avoid misinterpretation of installation instructions, seek for guidance from our team of experts and possible assistance in door installation process.

What we have to offer to commercial and residential garage door owners in Davidson town

  • Timely repair services
  • Professional installation services
  • Routine maintenance services
  • Replacement services with original door parts
  • 24hour emergency response team
  • Same day service delivery including during public holidays
  • Competitive prices
  • Unlimited special offers for all

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