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Cornelius is a fast growing town in the northern part of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina State. This town is strategically built along Lake Norman hence having several recreational sites and being of economic important to the county. We offer garage door services within the town and its environs guided by our passion of making Cornelius the safest town to live and invest in through commercial activities.

DIY garage doors safety tips

Did you know that the international Door Association has chosen June as the National Door Safety Month? The door of the garage fixed in the commercial or residential building can pose great danger to the users, pets, children and household as well as business assets. Prevent mishaps and accidents by practicing the following DIY safety tips:

  • Regular door maintenance
    Regular maintenance promotes frequent safety door checks. During maintenance, developing door issues are identified and fixed before causing havoc. Though DIY maintenance is effective, it is advisable to schedule professional door maintenance several times in a year. Call us for professional garage door maintenance and safety inspection.
  • Keep pets and children away
    The door of the garage is usually heavy with many movable parts. If a child or pet is trapped in any of the door parts during the opening and closing movements, serious injuries can be incurred and sometimes fatalities. For safety sake, keep your children and pets away from the garage before activating the opener. Also, ensure that the wall opener button is mounted on a height that a child cannot reach.
  • Watch the door open and close
    Always watch the door till when it is completely open or closed. Pressing the opener’s button to open or close the door then speeding off or turning away to attend to other things can be dangerous. An accident can happen without your awareness. Also, the door may be faulty hence leaving it open without knowing. If you press the button and nothing is happening to the door or you notice some unusual movements, call our technicians to identify and repair the problem.
  • Install an electric eye
    The electric eye is a sensor fixed slightly above the ground at the door that reinforces the safety of the door. If an object crosses the sensor, it sends a signal that stops the door from opening or closing immediately. This is essential for residential garage doors in homes with kids and pets. Call us to install a high quality electric eye for maximum door safety.

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