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What Causes a Garage Door to Get Stuck

15/08/17 12:28

Modern automatic garage doors are efficient when they are working well but, when they get faults, they can be a frustrating hustle to have around.  These doors are prone to faults as they are mechanical devices. When the door of the garage gets stuck especially when you have to get in and out, it brings about untold stress. However, if you get to know why the doors get stuck, you can prevent it from happening and reduce the worry and instead take action to solve the problem faster. Here are some reasons why your door gets stuck.

Warping or bending of the truck

Most doors of the garage sit on the truck which is made of aluminum material. This truck is prone to warping and bending due to impact from the car or other external objects. In addition, winter weather causes thawing and freezing that affects the aluminum material. In this case, the door is likely to get stuck when opening or closing. You can solve this problem by simply using a hummer to straighten up the dents present.

Lack of sensor alignment

When the sensors are well aligned, the infrared beams make adequate contact with one another. This facilitates smooth functioning of the door. If these beams fail to make contact, the door will get stuck at some point. However, it can be difficult to detect whether the sensors are not well aligned. It is important to involve a professional to help identify the problem and fix it.

Lack of lubrication

Every moving object requires adequate lubrication to function properly. Similarly, the opener’s chain and tracks need to be lubricated regularly. If this is not done, the door starts by making noise when opening or closing. You can prevent this from happening by using regular machine oil preferably in spray form as this penetrates well in the hidden corners of the door.  If you are not sure of the type of lubricant to use, call a professional for advice. Also, involving a technician to instruct you on how to clean up the door before lubricating it is highly recommended.

Objects blocking the sensors

On either side of the automatic doors at the bottom is a set of sensors for safety purposes. If these sensors are blocked by pets, children playing or other objects, the door gets stuck as the opener’s signal is not received. To prevent this, discourage kids from playing near the garage and regularly check whether there is debris pilling or leaves near the door and remove them.

Lack of regular preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance is highly recommended to avert door problems. This can only be done by a professional who has the ability to identify possible door problems and fix them early. Problems tend to develop and worsen before being noticed if the door is never serviced. This may require replacement of the complete door or of major door parts. To avoid this high cost repairs and replacement, ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out by a professional.



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