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Wall and ceiling lighting in garage what should you know?

01/12/21 15:15

The ambient lighting of the garage plays a pivotal role in improving its curb appeal. This garage lighting includes both interior and exterior lighting of the garage.

If you want to light up your garage at minimum expense, you must have a cohesive lighting plan. To chalk this out, seek the help of a professional garage company in Charlotte such as Tip Top Garage Doors.

Lighting types that can be used for interior and exterior lighting of your garage

Exterior lighting

For the external building of the garage, you can use outdoor light fixtures that can be projecting or flush-mounted outdoor lights of these designs.


Flood Lights cover a wide area illuminating even nooks and corners. Since they flood the entrance of the garage with light, there is no chance for burglary or vandalism.

Path lights

Path lights are a must to brighten up the car path to help you navigate to your garage. 

If your driveway is studded with path lights, this enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and garage. Make sure the light fixtures used for path lighting match those on the outer wall lights of the garage.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are a must to brighten up the garage entrance. These exterior wall lights can be placed at the front door, side door, or on the rear wall. If your garage is of a rustic design with carriage doors, you can even have outdoor barn lights to enhance the outdoor decor. 

Outdoor hanging lights

If your garage has an outer porch with a ceiling with beams, you can hang these lights. These outdoor hanging lights will radiate light downwards and in all directions. Outdoor pendant lighting is possible only if there is a high ceiling with enough headroom. 

Outdoor post lights

If you have lamp posts positioned along your driveway, you can use these outdoor post lights. The main advantage of outdoor post lights is they radiate light in all directions owing to their height.

Outdoor motion sensor lights.

Motion sensor lights detect the presence of individuals from the Infrared light they emit when they move. Deactivated during the day, these security lights detect the movement of people or animals at night from the heat waves emitted when they move.

Other options for lighting up the outdoor space are outdoor string lights, outdoor lamps, etc.

Interior lighting

Flush mount ceiling lights

The main light for the inside garage comes from the ceiling. Use a flush mount ceiling light fixture to light up the dim interior of the garage.

Shop lights

Shop lights usually have fluorescent lights to brighten up compact garage spaces. Nowadays, LED bulbs are used as an energy-efficient light source for indoor lighting.


You can use Spotlights if you want to focus on certain spots in your garage. Spotlights are used to highlight corners or certain focus areas in the center of the garage.


Points to bear in mind while choosing garage lighting for your home

  • For each vehicle, install a one 8-foot light source
  • Use 4-foot fluorescent bulbs as they are easy to find and use.
  • Usually, fluorescent lights are the preferred light source for garages. But they are not ideal for cold weather as they do not work below 50 degrees.
  • Use a fluorescent fixture with electronic ballast and not electromagnetic ones to withstand the cold.
  • Make the best use of natural light by using solar-powered lights
  • Use LED Garage lights to cut down your energy costs.
  • Steel lighting and aluminium wiring are best to install outdoor garage lights.
  • Check the electrical cable, metal conduit, ceiling outlet, lamp holders, etc before light installation.
  • Use fans with lights in outdoor lighting fixtures.

Explore the wide range of commercial lighting for garages like built-in lights, deck lights, stick-on lights, etc. This can cost a lot in terms of lighting fixture costs and energy bills. A local Charlotte garage door service provider like Tip Top Garage Doors can help you out. We can guide you on how to make the best of your garage lighting!

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