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Get the best from your garage door

19/12/17 17:04

A well performing garage door guarantees safety and efficiency for the users. The operation of the door can be slowed down or halted by dirt clogging in the movable parts, broken springs and opener. Below are some viable tips for a better door performance:

Fix weather-stripping

Weatherstripping plays an important role in protecting the door and the garage at large. It tightly seals the gap left between the door and the opening of the garage. When this gap is left unsealed, the water drops freezes due to winter cold making the door sticky. This makes the door not to run smoothly and may lead to total opener failure or cause the springs to snap and break. It is advisable to apply the weatherstripping way before the winter season. If a weatherstripping exists but you can feel the air seeping under the door, it is an indication that it is worn hence need for replacement.


In this case, you can use a putty knife or a flat scraper together with a pry bar to scrape off the damaged weatherstripping. Ensuring that the area is clean and smooth, close the door and apply the new weatherstripping. For best results, make sure that the rubber flap lays flat against the door. It is wise to engage a technician to handle the procedure.   

Regular preventive maintenance

Carrying out preventive maintenance is a great practice that ensures that your garage door lasts longer and runs smoothly. This can range from simple door cleaning to remove clogged dirt in the door parts to complex door parts assessment, servicing and possible simple repairs. Cleaning the door regularly with gentle detergents, water and rag while later lubricating the door, does the trick for DIY enthusiasts. However, it is important to contact a technician to perform maintenance on regular basis.  Though you will pay a service fee for the maintenance done by a technician, you may end up saving a big deal. This is because a professional is able to assess the door and repair damages that may hinder the door from functioning properly.

Upgrade to modern door and opener

Most modern garage doors and openers are designed to use the digital technology which is safe and efficient. Getting in touch with a professional can help you a great deal in buying a door and opener, which are compatible with other digital gadgets such as smart phones and tablets. For instance, you can install a door and opener that connects with an app in your smart phone that helps you to receive alerts if someone tries to break into your garage. In addition, the modern openers allow you to operate the door right from your car hence ideal for people with physical disabilities and elderly.

Insulate the garage door

Garage door insulation is recommended especially in areas that experience extreme winter and summer seasons. There are different types of insulating materials available in garage door dealer stores. The insulation protects the door from effects of very cold or hot weather conditions hence high performance. Call a garage door technician to handle the insulation process professionally.




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