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Top 5 Garage Door Problems to Watch Out For

06/05/21 09:24

Your loud and squeaking garage door is trying to tell you something. Are you listening? When the garage door stops working smoothly, it leaves you with many questions. You may wonder if simple lubrication will do the job or you need to replace the entire door. Is the problem due to damaged hinges and springs or rust? Given that a garage door is a heavy and complex structure, it is essential to look out for common garage door problems. If ignored, these issues can be expensive to fix and dangerous to life and property. When people delay the garage door repair work, replacement becomes inevitable. Below is the list of 5 common garage door problems that you may want to watch out for.

Doors that go off-track

Were you hurrying for an important meeting in the rush hours? Many times, garage doors go off track when the owners accidentally hit the doors with their vehicles. Since a garage door is opened and closed frequently, accidents are bound to happen. There are several reasons behind an off-track garage door. Some of the causes are:

  • The heavy door has caused the tracks to bend. Tracks should be made of durable materials like steel and iron to support the type of garage door. Else, the tracks can turn inwards.
  • Tracks can get misaligned. Horizontal tracks need to be in parallel with the vertical rails. If the bolts come loose, the brackets get wobbly, and the alignment changes.
  • Wear and tear causes stress on the rollers. If some of the rollers break, it puts a strain on the remaining rollers. The pressure can cause the other rollers to break down over time. Broken rollers increase the weight on the horizontal tracks, thus causing inward bends.Off-track garage doors are a danger to life and property. Whatever the reason for a garage door was going off-track, it is important to immediately rectify the problem.

Problem with a garage door opener or opening mechanism

Troubleshooting garage door opener problems can be simple or complex. A common and simple issue can be dead transmitter batteries. Also, there may be an electrical issue, which cuts off the power supply to the motor. While the owner can resolve these issues without expert guidance, mechanical failures can be tricky. Is the engine making a running sound, but the door is jammed? In that case, you may need to repair or replace the main gear drive. It could be that a broken component of the carriage is giving you troubles. In case of total failure in the opening mechanism, you may need to replace the motor. 

Since identifying the root cause of the problem is complicated, it is advisable to consult with an expert. Professional garage companies offer free estimates on the spot for all your garage door repairs and replacements. Their free consultation service and a wide range of options allow you to choose from budget to customized luxury doors and components.

Broken or damaged springs

Does your garage door seem heavy to open? Do you feel like you are carrying dead weight? If yes, then the extension spring could be the culprit. Also, if the garage door closes unusually fast, it may be due to a broken spring. The force needed to open a garage door rests on the springs. So the springs are under high tension. Thus, broken springs can cause a collapse in the opening and closing mechanism of the door. Operating a garage door that has a broken spring can be fatal. If the opened garage door looks crooked, or you can see a gap in the springs, then it is time to call an expert. Also, the type of material used in the springs determines its tensile strength and resistance. Oil tempered springs are generally preferred over the zinc-galvanized variety. Oil tempered springs have higher tensile strength, are economical, and are less complicated. But, zinc galvanized springs offer greater protection against rust formation. Since there are many considerations, it is critical to consult with a garage door expert while repairing or replacing a spring.

Damaged cables

The springs are a source of force needed to open a garage door. But it is the lifting cables wound around the drums that carry the weight. Several times a day, owners open and close a garage door. The frequency of use increases the wear and tear of the lifting cables. So, it is crucial to maintain and repair the garage door cables on time.

 Rust and lubrication issues

The problem of rust formation depends on a place's climatic conditions. Also, the materials used in a garage door will contribute to the speed of corrosion. The issue can be a tricky decision-making point while replacing critical components of the garage door. For example, zinc galvanized springs come with better rust resistance. But they are less durable as compared to oil-tempered springs. However, timely lubrication and applying a primer can take care of rust for all types of doors.

Expert garage door technicians can offer swift and economical solutions to the common problems of garage doors. Reputed service providers will fix just what needs fixing without overcharging their customers. Repairing a garage door without the guidance of experts can be a hazard. It can cause further damage to the door or endanger your life. Garage experts go beyond fixing doors. They offer replacement components that match the aesthetics of your garage.

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