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Tips To Unstick A Swollen Garage Door

Tips To Unstick A Swollen Garage Door

03/07/22 08:15

Extreme weather conditions are not the only reasons for a door getting stuck. Loose hinges could also be one of the reasons. Likewise, a loose strike plate may cause swelling too. Sometimes, the door itself could be the culprit due to its aging. Due to repeated use, its joints might loosen and the door may sag and stick to its frame. So, when your garage doors stick, you have to first check for loose hardware.

It is always best to call professional garage specialists in Charlotte to look at such sticky doors. They have the experience to identify the cause and take corrective steps to resolve the sticking issue of your garage doors.

Helpful tips to unstick your garage door

Check the hinges

Garage doors are usually heavy and opening and closing them repeatedly might loosen their screws. Check the hinge leaves and tighten the screws. If the screws are still loose, replace the screws with longer screws of the same diameter. If the screw hole is big, insert a toothpick or stick the screw with glue to solve the issue.

Check the paint finish

Sometimes, lumps of paint or varnish might accumulate at the door edges due to the application of several coats of paint. This causes the door to stick. Peel off the excess paint or varnish using a blade or a chisel. Do this carefully without ruining the finish.

Check the bottom edge of the door

In some instances, the bottom edge of the door might stick to the threshold or the garage floor. If this happens, you must sand the edge or stick a piece of sandpaper to the edge for the door to pass over it. Open and close the door several times and remove any loosened excess material from the door.

Use a lubricant

A garage door lubricant might sometimes do the trick for you. Apply the lubricant over the sticking area to make it slide over it easily. Use silicone lubricants found easily in hardware soaps. If not, try rubbing wax or a bar of soap on the sticking area.

Use a shim

Try using a filler material or a shim behind the hinges of the door if it is stuck on the latch side at the top or bottom. This shimming will tilt the door slightly so that it can free itself from the opening.

First, try to ascertain where the door sticks and then do the shimming accordingly.

Give the door a close shave

To do this, first, check if the space between the door and the door jamb is about the size of a nickel. Or it should be at least 1/8 of an inch or 3 1/6th of an inch wide. If not, see where the door sticks and shave some wood at that sticking point. If the door sticks along the latch edge, you can shave the door while it is in place. If the door sticks at the top or bottom, you might have to remove it and then shave.

Dry the swollen wood

Moisture content is the culprit that makes the door swell and stick. Dry the swollen surface thoroughly using a hair dryer or a heat gun. Once the excess moisture escapes, the wood will shrink. Remember to hold the dryer or gun at least 30 cm away from the surface.

Use a sealer

If you are installing a new wooden door, you can apply a sealer on all sides. Focus more on the face and underside of the door. Do a light sanding and apply the sealer using balls of steel wool.

Use a dehumidifier

To prevent moisture damage to the door, provide proper ventilation within the garage. Also, try using a dehumidifier to absorb the extra moisture within the room.

Try all the above tricks to unstick your garage doors. Remember, the exterior doors of your garage are its faces. Call the garage door experts in Charlotte and maintain your garage doors regularly to prevent them from sticking during extreme weather conditions.

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