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How to Tell if Something is Wrong With Your Garage Door

06/05/21 09:31

The average garage door moves up and down more than a thousand times a year. Garages must be maintained regularly to safeguard your vehicles and valuable ones. On constant use, garage doors are prone to deteriorate leading to garage door replacement. If noticed early, you can prolong the life of the garage door.

The common signs that indicate the need for service are:

Rust formation/ warped garage doors

Rusting is a common problem with garage doors. Snow, rain, humid salt air, and corrosive materials cause the garage doors to rust. 

In this case, you have to wipe down the rusted area, fill the pores, and paint them with water-resistant paint. If the rust is extensive and not serviced properly once in a year, the door will stop working. However, contacting a professional garage company can help. To explore the exact condition of the garage door, speak with a qualified technician.

Improper operation of the garage door:

The garage door opener may suddenly stop operating or start troubling you under the following conditions:

  • When there is a power disruption to the wall switch.
  • Damaged or dusted rollers.
  • Bending or shifting in the track.
  • Variation in the close-limit adjustment screw.
  • Variation in the sensitivity of the switch due to weather conditions.

If any of these issues appear on the garage door, an expert is needed to fix the problem.

Broken or bad springs

Garage doors could be made of iron, steel, or aluminium. They are very heavy to operate manually. The torsion and extension springs make the movement of the garage doors simple, despite the weight. If you face difficulty in operating the door, then it is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with the springs. Springs may be worn out, separated, or might have lost their tension. if you can't open it with a remote, try opening it manually. When all else fails, get in touch with an expert.

Increase in energy bills

Cold weather and extreme climate change damage the garage doors. They need regular maintenance before Winter and Autumn. The garage door is a big investment and you need them to last long. Experts recommend scheduling regular maintenance at least once a year.

Loud noise from the door

Garage doors generally make little noise and based on the brand, the sound can be a little more or less. If you hear a loud noise, rather than the usual volume, the garage door may have some loose or broken parts. Creaking or straining excessively, indicates that the door is not in good condition. Call a garage door expert to inspect the door and ensure its operation and avoid complete garage door restoration.

Slow response time

If your garage door takes more than 5 seconds to respond to the signals from the remote, then you have to observe its operation. Garage doors need to open and close on time. Problems with garage door sensors, garage door springs, and garage door cables may cause garage door problems. If there is any indication of prolonged delay, then something should be wrong with the garage door. Inspect it at the earliest to avoid major issues.

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