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Pros & Cons of having Garage Doors with Windows

Pros & Cons of having Garage Doors with Windows

25/01/22 13:59

Pros of using windows on garage doors

Aesthetic Appeal

Using windows on garage doors is the easiest way to alter its architectural style. The window design and window style should match the design of the garage door. These decorative windows cut down the monotony of having uniform solid panels on the door. Instead, they create an open space and alter the exterior look of the door.

With attractive colors, these windows can make even a dull garage look attractive. The various window styles bring welcome relief to the blank garage door. You can try using glass windows, frosted glass windows, or even a row of windows to transform the bland garage door into an artistic garage door.

Natural lighting

Nothing can beat natural light for room illumination during the day. Make your garage door energy-efficient by using windows on its doors. These windows let in natural light and cut down the usage of artificial light bulbs. The glass panels of the windows reflect the daytime light and light up the garage.

Another advantage of windows is that you do not have to grope around in the dim-lit interior of the garage. If your garage is the place where you use your dishwasher and washing machine, you will thank the windows for the natural light!

Better value for your property

Garage door windows can improve the beauties of garage doors. For instance, your castle-style garage door can have complementary glazed windows that enhance its look. This fetches a better value for your home.

Cons of using garage door windows

Security threat for your home and garage

Having windows in your garage is no doubt a security risk. The easiest way for thieves to enter a home is through the garage and if there are windows, more the merrier! A garage door may be difficult to open or break into, but a window is.

Lack of privacy
When your garage door has windows, anyone can peep into your garage. There is absolutely no privacy. This is not advisable especially when you use your garage for your private events.

No energy efficiency 
Here you are, trying to make all efforts to cut down your energy bills, and there, your windows are letting the outside air into your garage. If you want energy efficiency, you must have garage doors without windows. Or if you insist on windows, you must replace their sealing and weather stripping periodically.

Frequent maintenance 
Glass windows often break or their hinges rust due to weather. When you have a garage door with windows, you must call a garage door specialist to do periodic maintenance.

To have windows or not for your garage door- the right decision

Having weighed the odds, the final decision is yours to have garage windows or not. If you do think the aesthetic options for windows improve garage or design, then opt for windows with the following additional features.

Frosted glass
Think of frosted glass options for your windows. This will make them and give you better privacy.

Tinted glass
Use Tinted glass or colored glass for windows to prevent direct sunlight from entering the garage. This will also improve the thermal resistance of the garage door.

Thicker glass
Opt for windows with thicker glass to prevent them from breaking easily. Now, you need not worry about the neighbor’s ball-breaking your window anymore.

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