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garage door spring replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement Dangerous

16/01/18 12:52

Replacing the garage door spring is an easy process but a dangerous one. That’s why the whole spring tasks should be left to technicians. Here are the dangers of DIY garage door spring replacement.

Threat to your life

Garage door springs pose an eminent threat to life as their injuries are normally fatal in nature. As an experienced handyman, you may have great skills in assessing the door problem, cleaning, crews and nut tightening as well as lubrication. However, when you embark on springs repair and replacement, you need to be aware that armed with a screwdriver and a ladder, you are to handle high spring tension and heavy weight of the door. A slight mistake can result to snapping of the spring causing serious body harm or even death. Allowing skilled technicians to handle replacements and repairs of torsion is highly recommended.

Buying wrong door spring

There are different types of garage door springs available in the market. Good examples are torsion, galvanized torsion and extension springs. You need to know whether your door operates using extension or torsion springs, and their respective horsepower. DIY process is cheap but may end up being expensive if you purchase the wrong springs. Installing the wrong springs poses danger to garage users and may lead to destruction of property as they may not hold the weight of the door. Therefore, contact a professional to inspect the type of the springs appropriate for your door, remove the existing ones and perform the installation. 

Incorrect installation

Proper installation of the springs guarantees good performance of the door to the garage. If the job is incorrectly done, the door continues to be faulty. This is why after a DIY installation of torsion or extension springs, you may still hear weird noises when opening or closing the door, observe a crookedly hanging door or a completely broken one. In order to install the springs correctly, you need to have the right tools, an extra person to help you, proper skills and knowledge on how to carry out the process. Failure to pay attention to any of the requirements may expose you and other garage users to grave danger. Save yourself the hustle and risks, by hiring a technician for the job.

Problem misdiagnosis

Good garage door performance depends on the functionality of the multiple movable parts installed on it. It is important to identify the source of the problem which informs the next course of action to solve. As a DIY enthusiast, you may misdiagnose the door problem resulting to a wrong remedy. For example, the door may be faulty due to loss of tension in the torsion springs, a problem that can be solved through simple winding. Instead, you may conclude that the springs are broken hence need to replace them. In this case you lose several dollars while you endanger your life while trying to remove the existing springs that are still intact. Call a professional to assess the problem for correct diagnosis and safe garage door spring replacement.

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