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Insulated Vs. Uninsulated Garage Doors

21/11/21 10:15

Before that, let us first analyze the pros and cons of using an insulated vs. non-insulated door for your garage.

What are the Advantages of using an insulated garage door?

Energy savings

If you want an energy-efficient garage door, go for an insulated Garage Door. They have a single, double, or triple layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. This level of insulation prevents the cold from entering the garage. It preserves the indoor temperature within the garage. This increases the thermal efficiency or R-value of the garage door.

An insulated garage door has a steel frame which makes it more robust. The extra thickness of this sturdy metal prevents it from any external damage. Insulated doors do not dent while non-insulated doors can dent with even baseball shots or child bikes.

Noise reduction 

Uninsulated garage doors can squeak, screech, or jerk due to their worn-out parts. But not an insulated garage door. The insulation dampens the noise from the garage door and makes it slide smoothly.

Prevents weathering

Your garage door insulation protects the door from weathering. It prevents frost and snow from piling up on the track mechanism in winter. It prevents dust buildup during hot climates.


Saves your battery and vehicle fluids

In winter, the engine and brake fluids thicken. Similarly, vehicle batteries die. Spark plugs do not work due to moisture. Do not worry. Fit an insulated door for your garage to solve all these issues. The insulation on the door retains the heat within the garage, thereby saving your battery life and fluids.

Warm and cozy

In the cold climates and extreme temperatures of the East Coast in the United States, a warm garage is inviting. The insulated door keeps your garage warm. It acts as a buffer zone for you when you move in and out of the house in the cold. You can use it as a small play area for children too.

Is there a disadvantage to using an insulated garage door?

The only disadvantage you can think of, in an insulated garage door is its initial price. But this is a worthwhile investment when you see its numerous benefits.

Did you know that most Americans recover 70% of the garage door cost when they sell the house?  This is a good return on investment. This is possible only with insulated garage doors due to their additional life over the years.

What are the pros and cons of an uninsulated garage door?

The less initial cost is the only benefit of using a non-insulated garage door for your garage. The lack of insulation makes it an affordable garage door.

However, the benefit is minimal when you compare the excessive energy costs you get by using an uninsulated garage door.

The poor temperature efficiency is the main disadvantage of uninsulated doors. Added to this is the risk of quick weathering and excessive noise. Without insulation, the garage space becomes literally unusable in winter due to the severe heat loss.

If you have a detached garage, only then opt for a non-insulated garage door. 

As you can see, the advantages of an insulated garage door clearly outweigh that of a non-insulated one.

How to choose the right insulated garage door?

Now that you have decided to go for an insulated door, use these tips to choose the right one.

The outer door frame must have a layer of steel for the best garage door insulation 

A double layer of insulation is a must while a triple layer is the best

Polystyrene sheet insulation is more durable and effective than polyurethane foam

The garage Door’s R-Value should be between 8-32. Higher the R-Value, better the insulation 

If U-factor is used to measure thermal efficiency, go for a value much less than 1

For best strength, life, and energy efficiency, always opt for insulated garage doors. The Garage door specialists at Tip Top Garage Door Charlotte can give expert advice in choosing the perfect insulated garage door.

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