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How to Program Garage Door Remote

12/07/17 12:41

Garage door remotes come with automatic openers and they enable one to open or close the door while still in the car. The old generation remotes use switches while the modern ones use rolling code technology that changes the code after every use for security purposes. Once the remote is pressed, it sends a signal to the opener for the door to open or close. A remote may break, get lost or become faulty. This calls for simple programming, repair or replacement whereby you can involve a technician or use DIY tips.

Steps in programming the garage door remote

It is important to know how to program your own garage door remote. Here are some steps to help you do so:

  •   Choose a remote

It is advisable to select the remote that matches the opener preferably from the same manufacturer. This facilitates smooth functioning of the opener as the signal is adequately received. If you are not sure about the opener model in order to buy the appropriate remote, contact a technician to help you in choosing the ideal remote.

  •   Identify the learn button

All models of opener have a learn button. This is a small button usually black or red in color depending with the manufacturer. Its Indicator LED light is normally red in color especially for genie model. The learn button plays an important role in activating the indicator light which appears on the opener. Locate the learn button by removing the light cover present on the opener.

  •   Activate the indicator light

The indicator light shows that there is a connection between the remote and the opener hence ascertaining that the signals sent are being received. In order to program the new remote, activate the indicator light. Here, press and hold the learn button till the indicator light start blinking on the opener. Press the remote button while the light is still blinking. Note that the indicator light blinks around two times per second.

  •   Check whether the door is moving

While the indicator light is blinking, check whether the door is moving. If the door does not move, repeat the process to ensure that you have not skipped any step. Also, check whether there are objects such as pets, children, leave or debris obstructing the sensors and eliminate them.  It is advisable to call a technician if the door fails to move as there may be a different door problem that needs to be fixed.

  •   Erase the old codes

If you are programming an old remote, you may not have to erase the old codes. However, if your remote gets lost, you have just moved into a home previously occupied by another person or you suspect that the remote may have been in the hands of an intruder, you need to erase the codes and enter new ones. To erase the old codes, press and hold the learn button till when the indicator light stops to blink. Once the codes are erased, follow the process above to enter new codes.



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