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Garage door maintenance

Top Tips On How To Maintain Your Garage Door

04/09/17 11:56

DIY tips on how to maintain garage door are essential as they enhance it’s functions and prevents injuries and property destruction. However, engaging professionals is highly recommended, as they can easily spot potential door issues and fix them early. Here are some simple door maintenance practices:


Observation is the greatest DIY maintenance strategy that you can use on daily basis. Your hearing and sight senses play a vital role as you look and listen to your door every time it opens and closes. What do you check for? Well, listen if the springs, pulleys and cables are intact and symmetrical. Ensure that the door is not hanging crookedly but straight and not jerking while moving. Listen for any grinding or banging noise when opening or closing. Attend to any of the above issues accordingly or involve a technician to maintain the door. Note that a well functioning door should run smoothly and silently.

Regular lubrication

Garage doors function adequately due to their many and complex moving parts. These parts are subject to continuous friction hence wear and tear. Periodic lubrication of the movable parts reduces friction and prevents premature wearing off. Use of aerosol sprays is highly recommended. Door parts that should be lubricated on regular basis include:

  • Hinges at the center of the panel- Consider lubricating the hinges present in the center of the door panel. These hinges do not have a roller so, spray the lubricant and activate the door to move for even distribution.
  • Combination of hinges and rollers- Rollers are normally attached to the hinges present on either side of the door. In this case, lubricate the rollers as well as the hinges. Do not apply too much lubricant as the dirt gathers around it clogging the door.
  • Lock mechanism- If you have a manual door apply the lubricant on the pair of the locking latches normally present on either side. Do not forget to lubricate the key hole and make the opening and closing key movements to distribute the lubricant well.

Door balance

Carry out a door balance test periodically to assess if the springs are well aligned and winded. An unbalanced door exerts excessive weight on the opener leading to premature wearing off. To test the balance, pull the release handle to disconnect the opener and move the door manually. Release the door halfway where it should remain if well balanced. If it doesn’t stay, contact a technician to adjust the springs.  

Clean and paint the door

Cleaning the door is an important preventive maintenance practice. This includes cleaning the movable door parts that are regularly lubricated in order to remove old lubricant, dirt and debris that may have clogged in. Painting annually is one of the door grooming practices that you may want to adopt.

Changing the weather stripping

Regularly check the weather rubber strip present at the bottom side of the door. If it is brittle or has cracks, you should plan for a replacement.

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