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Garage Door Installation Guide

14/06/17 21:19

How to install the opener

  • Gather the tools
    Before you start the installation process, ensure that you have the following tools:
    • Drill
    • Wrench set
    • Level
    • Screwdriver
    • Standard tape measure
  • Determine the type of opener
    It is important to determine the type of opener to be installed. To be sure, read the user instructions that come with the opener. Basically, there are belt drive, chain drive, screw-drive and direct drive openers. Each opener uses a specific mechanism to move the door. However, direct drive uses the motor while others use both motor and trolley to move the door.
  • Fasten the bracket and power unit
    To start with, assess the space above the door and the ceiling to identify where to fix the bracket and power unit. Once you are familiar with the construction of the garage, fasten the power unit to the ceiling and fix the bracket above the door. If the door is lightweight, you may need to fix the door stiffeners on the door.
  • Check the opener parts
    Do not continue with the process before ensuring that all the opener parts are present. Therefore, check the parts from the box and use the instructions provided in the box to confirm. If you realize a part is missing or you have doubts, consult a technician to guide you through.
  • Fix the rail
    The rails ensure that there is smooth movement of the door. Once the power unit is well fixed on the ceiling, insert the rail into the power unit.
  • Work on the idler pulley
    Assemble the slider unit and position it well onto the rail. Pick the idler pulley and fasten it on the opposite side of the rail.
  • Attach the drive
    Pick the chain and attach it to the traveler unit. Fix the chain well on the drive wheels present on the power unit. In order to fasten it adequately, run it round the idler pulley and connect it on the idler pulley.
  • Fasten the drive
    When you buy the opener, a retaining clip is provided. This clip is essential for fastening the opener drive. In this case, make sure that the ends of the chain are well fastened using the retaining clip.

Installation for direct drive

When installing a direct drive, you need to install the carriage tube first. This tube is passed along the wall to the power unit. However, the process varies from one model to the other. It is advisable to contact a technician for assistance.

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