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Garage Door Opener: When to call a technician

25/12/17 22:28

DIY techniques go a long way in sorting out simple garage door issues. However, procedures may solve the door problem partially or worsen it. This may lead to added costs especially for parts replacements that would have been fixed through a simple repair if handled by a professional. But when should you call a technician to fix your door opener? Have a look at the situations below:

Remote control and wall switch fails

The opener of the garage door should respond once the remote control is pressed. Once you notice that the opener does not operate at the press of the remote button, it is time to press the wall switch. If the wall switch too fails to activate the opener, it is an indication that there is a problem with power connection to the door. Check the monitor unit to ensure that it is properly plugged into the power outlet. Plug in the cord and press the remote button or the wall switch. If the opener fails to respond, it is time to contact a technician.

Garage door fails to open

When you press the opener’s remote control or the keypad from a distance, the door of the garage should open or close immediately. If this does not happen, it may be an indication that you are out of range hence no remote signal. It is important to note that most modern models of garage door openers transmit active and strong signals at a distance of around 315mH. If you are trying to operate the opener a few feet further, the signal might be rather weak. Therefore, move closer to the door and press the remote control button or the keypad. If the door does not respond, check the antenna located on the monitor unit. Normally, the antenna should be hanging downwards and intact meaning that it is not damaged for the opener to operate well. If everything seems to be in place and the door does not open, contact a technician right away.

Garage door does not close completely

A well performing opener should activate the door to open and close completely. However, modern doors of the garage are designed with close limit switch that determines when the motor unit should stop running. When the door is completely open or properly closed, the close limit switch instructs the motor to stop. If the door opens normally but does not close properly, it may be an indication that the close limit needs to be adjusted. To confirm this, check whether the opener pulls back up or the door bounces back after touching the ground while closing. Note that the close limit switch is one of the safety measures installed to ensure safe door operations. In this case, you need the help of a technician to adjust the close limit switch.

Opener sensitivity failure

Opener sensitivity may be lost especially during snowy winter seasons. This problem is common with the garage doors designed to use rollers that get stiff due to extreme cold. When this happens, the door fails to open at the press of opener’s remote button or wall switch. If this happens, contact a professional to adjust the opener’s sensitivity.




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