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How long will it take to install your garage door?

01/12/21 15:03

As a homeowner and vehicle owner, you have every right to ask this question. Without a garage door, your vehicle will be in the open. You must expedite the garage door installation process as soon as possible to protect your vehicle and home. To do this, you must know how soon an experienced Charlotte garage door company can install your door. The biggest factors that govern this are size, weather conditions, etc. Let us check them out.

Factors that govern the time taken to install a garage door

Normally, the garage door installation process consists of several basic steps. These include dissembling the old door, installing the new garage door panels, fitting the hardware, etc. Of these, fixing a garage door opener alone takes 6 hours. Then comes the testing of the door. Apart from this, the other factors are as follows.

Type of installation

If you plan a DIY installation, you will have to follow step-by-step tutorials, and that would take a lot of time. If you plan on engaging a professional installer, the task would be completed in less time. This is because garage door installers are familiar with garage systems and know-how to fit a new door in the shortest possible time.

Another factor that makes a difference here is whether you are installing an old door or a new one. If you are replacing the door with a new one of the same size and type, it could take 3-4 hours. If it is installing a new door, it can be done sooner.

Size of the door

Small doors take less time to complete while larger doors take more time due to their size.

Garage door styles

The time taken to install a garage door depends on its design style. A canopy garage door or up and over garage door takes 4 hrs to install as they should be properly balanced. Sectional garage doors take longer, about 6 hrs, as all the sections should synchronize properly with the opening mechanism. Roll-up garage doors take 2.5-4 hrs to install and this time as they come with a wide range of design options. 


Extreme cold weather or hot climates affect garage door systems. So installation takes longer in such conditions, which are difficult for work.

Condition of the hardware

Professional garage experts first check the high-tension springs, center brackets, vertical roller tracks, etc. If they find broken garage parts, they have to replace them first. Garage door replacement will take longer if there are defective parts or broken garage panels.

Availability of the door

To install a new door, you must have one readily available. This depends on the brand of the garage door. Common garage doors like raised doors or panel doors are easily available. Only complex designs like carriage garage doors might be scarce or in demand. If you engage a professional garage door installation company, they might have the door and the spares in stock.

Normally, it takes less than 6 hours to install a new door for your garage. If you want to fit an automatic opener into the existing door, it will take additional time. Always call a garage door specialist to handle the installation. With the right garage door tools and experience, they can complete the task efficiently in lesser time and at no additional costs. Get in touch with Tip Top Garage Doors for garage door service in Charlotte and surrounding areas

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