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Do’s And Don’ts For Painting Garage Doors

Do’s And Don’ts For Painting Garage Doors

03/07/22 08:11

We must select the perfect color for the door based on so many factors- the architectural style of the door, the garage door material, the paint finish, the cost of paint material, labor charges, et

So, before we start embellishing our garage doors with coats of paint, let us gather some information about these guidelines for painting garage doors from professional garage door experts in Charlotte.

Do’s and don't to be followed while painting garage doors.

Clean the doors

The first thing to do before applying a coat of paint to your door is to clean it. Your garage door is exposed to all sorts of weather and may collect dust, cobwebs, debris, termites, and even pests over time. so, the first thing to do is to clean it thoroughly.

Start by taking a broom and brush and dusting the cobwebs, dirt, etc. off the doors.  Then take a clean bucket with water and add a mild detergent to it. the mild detergent can be a wash soap or an automotive soap solution. Dip a cloth into the bucket and start wiping the door. Pay attention to the corners on cleaning as this is where most of the dust accumulates unnoticed.

Next, take a dry cloth and wipe the door surfaces thoroughly and let them dry.

Sand the doors

If you want your garage door to gleam with a smooth finish, you must sand it. Your garage door must have aged already and its old paint might be peeling or its finish flaking. Sanding removes the flakes, blisters, and bubbles from the garage door. With the help of 180-grit sandpaper, sand the entire door before you apply primer to it.

Prime the doors

Applying a primer is a must for your garage door if you want the paint to stick to its surface.  The type of primer you use depends on the garage door material. For both Wooden garage doors and metal garage doors, you can use an oil-based primer. A multi-surface primer is the right option for best results. allow the door to dry for a day before you start painting.

Choose the type of paint depending on the type, material, and size of your garage door as follows

  • Steel doors -Latex or oil-based paint
  • Aluminum doors- Latex-based primer and paint with the bonding agent.
  • Wooden doors- -Latex or oil-based paint
  • Vinyl doors - Acrylic paint

Use the right paint brush to paint your doors

Use a 3-inch nylon paint brush to paint your door. For uneven surfaces, you can use a  crimped wire brush for a fine finish. If you want a long life with quick removal capacity, you can use a twisted knot wire but it will yield a rough finish. If you want to have a smooth finish with the flexibility of the crimped wire, use an abrasive nylon brush.

With your paintbrush or paint roller, apply long brush strokes to cover the entire surface of the door evenly. Roll the paint in an even manner and allow it to dry before you apply a second coat.

Pick the right garage door colors

There are numerous options when selecting your garage door colors. you can opt for a single color for the entire garage door or choose one for the door panel and another for its trim. Make sure that this color scheme matches that of your entire house.

You can try bold colors or darker colors for the trim and lighter colors for the panels. You can also opt for a neutral color for the door surface and a primary color for the trim. 

if you are a beginner, learn more about the color palette or color wheel and the type of color schemes like the monochromatic or analogous color schemes, and complementary color schemes. also, try out color samples before going ahead with your decision.

Get the right quantity of paint

Normally, 2 car garage doors will need only 1 gallon of paint for 2- 3 coats But, this all depends on the size and material of your door and the color you choose.

Engage Professional Painters

The biggest mistake homeowners commit is trying to do a DIY job of painting their garages. Call a team of professional painters or garage door specialists and get this difficult task done easily and efficiently without a hitch.

Follow the above tips and make your garage door painting project a grand success.

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