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Clever space saving ideas for your garage

Clever space saving ideas for your garage

08/05/22 07:26

The garage can be many things. It can be a warehouse for storage. It can be a place to play with toys. It can be a workshop for projects. And, it can even be a hangout spot for friends. No matter what, the garage space is versatile that can serve many purposes. If your garage is a chaotic mess, the best cure is to add more storage space elsewhere if your square footage is not enough. By adding cabinets, or bins, you can dramatically increase the amount of stuff you can store in your garage. And when everything has a designated place, it's much easier to keep things tidy.

If you're like many homeowners in Charlotte, your garage is full of stored items that don't have a designated home. From holiday decorations to bicycles and sports equipment, it can be tough to find a place for everything. You can make space in your garage with a little creativity. You can use storage bins to organise your tools and other gear. You can also install shelves and hooks to keep things off the floor. When it comes to storage solutions and maximising your garage space, don't be scared to be inventive.

Organizing a garage isn't a one-size-fits-all effort. There are many factors to consider, such as the amount of space you have, what you use your garage for, and how much stuff you have.

The first step is to figure out the organizational system that works best for you. Then, you can start decluttering and sorting through your things. It will just feel good to have a tidy and clean garage space!

So don’t neglect the space above your garage doors, either — this is a great area for stashing away extra storage bins. Check out this list of amazing strategies. From shelving and storage ideas to organizational tips, you're sure to find something that will work for you. 

Here are some clever space-saving ideas for your garage.

More on the Walls

You're wasting a lot of opportunities for garage wall ideas if you simply place hooks, brackets, and other hardware on studs. With simple and affordable shelves, you can quickly and simply increase the garage storage space.

The ideal technique is to cover the drywall with a layer of three-quarter-inch plywood. This provides a continuous fastening surface, allowing you to simply install storage gear and power tools, organize goods in a space-saving manner, and pack more stuff onto the wall.

Don't squander the vertical space

You're undoubtedly wasting a lot of storage space if everything in your garage is on the garage floor and within easy reach. Deep shelving or cabinets near the garage ceiling can help store a lot of yard tools, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, holiday decorations, cleaning supplies or camping gear in storage bins. This keeps stuff off the floor, which gives you extra space.

Workbench that saves space

You may acquire a smaller automobile if your garage isn't big enough for your car plus a workstation. Or you could build a fold-down workbench. A clutter-free garage is created by keeping stuff off the ground. Only a 2/4, a pair of sturdy hinges, a few threaded pipes and flanges, and a handful of screws are required. 

Add Outlets

In most cases, just one outlet is required in the garage. And that's all most builders provide you – a single meagre outlet for all your equipment and toys. If you have open studs, running wiring and adding outlets are simple if you follow a few simple guidelines.

You don't need to dig into your walls to run cables if they're covered. Instead, metal or plastic wire tubes and outlet boxes can be mounted directly to the wall.

Keep Ladders Out of the Way

Ladders can be hung from the ceiling to save valuable storage space. The carriage's wheels make it simple to slide in one end of the ladder and then the other. All of the materials are low-cost. Two-inch lag screws are used to secure the corner braces to the ceiling joists. To prevent the ladder from rolling out and falling, secure it with an elastic rope.

Enlarge Your Garage

If your garage is too small, the best remedy is an expansion. This will give you the extra space you need to store your belongings securely. Plus, an expanded garage can add value to your home.  In many cases, you can knock out a section of the garage wall. Build a huge "bump-out" and install a header to sustain the roof's weight.

Get Ultra-Organized with this Garage Cabinet

Small items and tools can be easily stored in custom-made cabinets. Cabinets come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your specific needs. Custom-made cabinets are a great way to keep your home organized and tidy. This Cabinet is the perfect solution for small painting supplies, glue, and more. This means that it takes up less space and is less likely to tip over. 

Store Bikes Up High

Your garage floor should be the last place an item is kept, which includes larger items such as bikes and other large sports equipment. It might be tough to keep bikes out of the way while yet making them accessible. From this simple hook to more elaborate overhead racks, cleverly organize your garage. This simple wall bike rack takes up open wall space rather than floor space.

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