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Howto choose garage door insualation

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Insulation

26/07/20 10:40

What is garage door insulation? 

The garage is one of the critical entry points to your home and is opened many times. Besides, the entry door to the garage from the house may be opened unintentionally by kids or pets. Garage door insulation is the process of reducing heat flow in and out of the garage and energy loss. The amount of insulation a garage needs depends on the climatic conditions of the region. 

The insulating property of any material is calculated using the R-value or U-value. R-value is a rating system that calculates the resistance of a material to heat flow. The U-value shows the energy efficiency of any material. It is a measure of the rate of transfer of heat. Higher R-value and lower U-value mean better insulation. Different types of garage door materials come with varying R and U values. 

The 3 Kinds of Garage Door Insulation are:

1. Single-layer garage door insulation

Single-layer garage doors are simple doors made up of one layer of steel or vinyl material. They are a great choice for those living in areas with moderate temperatures and low noise. If the garage is separate from the main house or you’re using it only for parking the cars or as storage, then you can comfortably choose single-layer doors.

2. Double layer garage door insulation

Double-layer garage doors provide additional insulation that goes a long way in regulating the air pressure in the garage. The door is made up of steel or vinyl material that provides the first layer while an extra layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation material is added. This door type is best for those living or operating offices in a noisy neighborhood. Remember that polyurethane is expansive hence providing more insulation compared to polystyrene.

3. Triple-layer garage door insulation

Triple-layer garage doors are doors made up of inner and outer steel or vinyl layers plus a layer of insulation material in the middle. The three layers provide extra insulation making the door soundproof. These doors are ideal for those using the garage as a studio, an office, or if the garage is below the bed or guest rooms. Also, they’re highly recommended for those living in regions with extreme temperatures especially during summer and winter seasons.

This may be too technical so we asked the garage door experts at Tip Top Garage Doors to inform us in layman language why insulation for the garage doors is required and how to choose the right kind of insulation. 

Having installed hundreds of elegant but well-insulated garage doors in Charlotte & Raleigh North Carolina, Fort Mill South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee, the Tip Top team came up with some useful advice.

Why is garage door insulation required? 

According to the Tip Top Garage Garage Doors team, a garage is an essential extension of your residence. Most garages are used for parking your invaluable vehicles. Many use their garages as a spare room or a workshop. So, temperature control of the garage is essential to keep it efficient and functional. Insulating the garage ensures that you do not have to worry about temperature control each time you pass by. Insulation ensures higher energy efficiency and thermal efficiency. It creates a comfortable work environment and prevents noise intrusion.

How do you choose the right kind of garage door insulation?

The choice of insulation for a garage depends on many factors says the Tip Top Garage Doors team. For example, in icy regions, with rough weather, vinyl doors are the optimal choice. Wood is a natural insulator but humidity can cause wooden doors to rot. Garages that are used as workshops or spare bedrooms need more insulation. If you are looking for moderate insulation, you may use polystyrene. 

Polyurethane is an excellent choice for a temperate climate. It offers high levels of noise cancellation and weatherproofing. The foams also prevent denting. Thus, climatic conditions, budget, and the garage's utility need to be considered for choosing the right kind of garage insulation and for a great return on investment.

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