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Can Sunlight Exposure Affect Garage Door Sensors

Can Sunlight Exposure Affect Garage Door Sensors?

29/08/22 13:01

The system will allow power to flow to the automatic opener motor so that your current garage door can open or close if it detects that the receiving sensor is receiving the infrared signal from the sending sensor.

Despite how vital these sensors are, there are a variety of things that could go wrong. Direct sunlight reflecting on the sensors is one potential issue to be aware of. Knowing factors like the above will help you maintain your professional garage door sensors in the best possible way as an informed homeowner.

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Interference with Light

Infrared light systems are typically efficient and effective. Because sunlight contains all types of light, including light with more energy than infrared light, it has the potential to disrupt the signal flow between the two infrared sensors. Small pieces of cardboard, such as a toilet paper tube, wrapped around the sensor will block much of the sunlight. The sun's direct rays can damage your garage door's photo eye sensors. Fortunately, even if you do experience sun interference, it is unlikely to last long. Because garage door sensors use focused infrared beams, this is the case.

Additional Difficulties

Dust or cobwebs on your sensors are a significant variable. Even if your sensors would be at the correct angle otherwise, they will have issues as long as they are dirty. Of course, even if sunlight is not present, dust and dirt on garage door sensors can disrupt the infrared signal. As a result, Charlotte garage door experts advise cleaning your safety sensors with a dry cloth once a month.

A Heat Source

It's critical to understand that direct sunlight exposure to garage door sensors on a regular basis may result in more than just a minor inconvenience. Because garage door sensors use convex lenses, the light from the sun is focused on the sensors' electronic components. This phenomenon, similar to using a magnifying glass to start a fire, could lead to problems that require garage door technicians to repair over time.

Expert Option

Reliable garage door companies like Tip Top Garage Door advise clients to use custom sensor shields to address sunlight interference issues permanently. These shields are secured to the sensor by a wing nut, which lessens the possibility of them coming loose over time. Purpose-built shields also have the benefit of looking more professional, which makes them perfect for a well-kept garage. Due to the lack of concern over signal redirection, it is typically simpler to install purpose-built shields properly.

Safety Is Essential

The majority of garage door openers offer an option that enables you to manually override the sensors, allowing your garage door to go completely up and down without pausing for any reason. But keep in mind that the sensors are only there to keep you safe. Garage doors close with a lot of power and are extremely heavy, which is why sensors were originally made necessary. If someone gets in the way of the smart garage door, it might result in severe injury. If those don't work, you may disable the sensors, but for a safer solution, call Tip Top Garage Doors Repair Charlotte at the earliest.

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