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How do Garage Doors Work

23/04/17 01:00

Major garage door parts

The following are the major parts that enable it to function smoothly:

  • Opener
    Garage door opener is vital as it instructs the door to open or close. Due to improved technology, modern openers are automatic with digital features installed in them to boost their function. There are different types of openers whose classification is done according to the mechanism they use to lift and lower the door. Here are the common types:
    • Belt drive openers - They are quieter and require minimal maintenance as they have fewer movable parts. They use the belt to move the door.
    • Chain drive - They use a set of chains to lift the door. These openers are low costing but are noisy and need regular maintenance.
    • Screw drive - This type of opener produces relatively loud vibrations and needs to be regularly serviced.
    • Direct drive - This is a modern open that has a single moving part. It provides smooth and quiet operations. 
  • Springs
    There are two major types of springs for the doors of the garage. They include:
    • Torsion springs - In order for the door to function adequately it requires a set of torsion springs, one on each side. These springs have accumulated tension that enables them to lift the when its being opened.
    • Extension springs - These springs operate under pressure and play an important role in holding the weight of the door.
  • Pulley and cable
    • The pulley and cables are important as they create a firm connection between the door and the opener operator.

Types of garage door models

The doors of the garage are available in different models and made of varying materials. You can choose a door made of vinyl, metal, aluminum, wood and glass. However, it is advisable to seek professional advice in order to choose the door material that suits the environmental and climatic conditions in your location.  In addition, a professional can help you to choose the door design that brings breathtaking beauty in your residential or commercial premises. Major door models include:

  • Roll up doors
    This door model uses rollers to function. They are ideal for a compound with limited space as they get rolled up to open instead of opening outwards.
  • Overhead doors
    These doors open outwards then they get inserted on the ceiling area. They require adequate space to open and close effectively.
  • Swing and hang
    These are traditional and most common doors. They are ideal for a compound with a spacious driveway as they swing outwards back and forth to open and close. Most of wooden doors use this mechanism.

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